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Oracle NetSuite’s Retail Emerging Team Supports Your Sales Career’s Success

"I wish I had found in the beginning og my 20-year career a company like Oracle NetSuite." -Peter Rupenthal, Regional Vice President, Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite’s Retail Emerging team is adding to its squads of Account Executives in Austin and Denver. Read our Q&A with Peter Ruppenthal, Regional Vice President for Oracle NetSuite Retail Emerging, to learn about the advantages of joining this supportive team.

Why is now an exciting time to join your team?

PR: Now is the most exciting time to join the Oracle NetSuite Retail Emerging team—we just came off a fantastic fiscal year. We’re adding to the team; it’s a high-growth environment, with many talented people (there’s lots of support to help salespeople get their deals across the line).

I’ve been in the software industry for about 20 years (I’ve worked for, mostly, small and mid-sized software companies). I would say that Oracle NetSuite has this culture of support that is really the best I’ve known, let alone in which I’ve had the privilege to work. We have fantastic leadership on the Direct Sales side. From Recruiting, where it all starts, to Enablement, Value Development, and Competitive Intelligence, there’s no limit to support those willing to come in and quarterback our accounts, and make sure that evaluations go smoothly, all the way to delivery.

For what roles are you currently hiring?

PR: We’re hiring Account Executives for the emerging space in Austin and Denver. It’s a role where people work very closely with their manager, as well as a broader team, to understand the needs of their target market (small and mid-sized retailers) throughout North America—and to make sure we deliver the best solutions to meet those needs.

What special qualities do candidates need to have?

PR: We’re looking for people who are willing to work and learn hard. Ours is a very complex product/solution, but we have a great staff to support our Account Executives. We can teach many of the aspects of Oracle NetSuite; we just need to be sure that the people are willing to work and learn along the way.

What do current employees enjoy most about being part of your team?

PR: The resounding feedback I get is about our culture of support, our people, and our work hard, play hard environment.

I wish I had found in the beginning of my 20-year career a company like Oracle NetSuite. What I’ve learned in these three years is more than I’ve learned in almost my entire career. It’s just been fantastic: the people I’ve met, the accounts to which we’ve sold…it’s been at a volume and scale I just couldn’t have ever dreamed. To start as a Field Manager and then ascend to Vice President in a couple of years wouldn’t have happened without a great supporting team to help me along the way. It’s the most fulfilled I’ve been in my 20-year career.

Do you want to join the Oracle NetSuite Retail Emerging team? Email your résumé today to tony.abbruzzese@oracle.com and express your interest in our open roles. Come create the future with us.

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