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Oracle NetSuite careers are for exploring your potential

Oracle NetSuite - Eljin

For Eljin Garcia, Professional Services Project Manager at Oracle NetSuite, joining the company meant achieving his long-term career goals through the constant exploration of his potential. Hear what Eljin has to say about working at Oracle NetSuite as he takes us through his professional journey in our Q&A session.

Why did you join the Oracle NetSuite team?

With my experience as an Implementation Consultant and Project Manager for ERP platforms, I joined Oracle NetSuite back in 2016 to expand my knowledge and capabilities with the best cloud-based ERP system in the industry. Before joining the company, NetSuite had already built its reputation on creating industry standards, combining it with great innovation through its highly reliable platforms and cloud solutions.

Because of the company’s maturity in the IT industry, and how it delivers, I knew from the very start that joining Oracle NetSuite would be one of my best choices for my career advancement.

How is a day in the life of a Professional Services Project Manager?

You learn something new every day. This job exposes me to highly competitive individuals. When it comes to ERP Consulting and Project Management, I’m proud of how much Oracle NetSuite has developed my career as a Professional Services Project Manager.

Through my day-to-day responsibilities in my role, I get to interact with executive-level customers from different industries and learn a lot about how they do business. With the expertise of my consultants in each project, I get to see how well Oracle NetSuite’s leading practices help each customer on how we can improve their business.

Despite everyone’s competitiveness, helping fellow colleagues with any difficulty they encounter at work drives people at Oracle NetSuite. It’s a common thought here that one’s success is everyone’s success. I believe that this kind of environment is one of the best benefits of working here.

What inspires you in your role?

Having an inspiring and influential leadership team is one of the reasons why I enjoy working at Oracle NetSuite. As a Millennial who dreams big and has great long-term plans for his career, our leadership team has become my role model in achieving my goals.

Through our leaders, Oracle NetSuite has built a community with values focused on passion for customers and nonstop innovation. This drives us in creating strategies on how we can help our customers’ business better, and make things simpler for them. This comes by having a common mindset of continuous improvement, as the organization gives value to everyone’s ideas.

Tell us more about the meaningful work that you do for Oracle NetSuite that changes or impacts lives.

In my 10 years in the IT industry, only Oracle NetSuite has given me the opportunity to share my professional skills and impact global communities through the Suite Pro Bono Program. This particular program helps nonprofit organizations simplify work in their advocacies, helping communities through NetSuite products. I’ve volunteered in a few pro bono projects where I’ve led teams of Professional Services Consultants in customizing NetSuite for these organizations. I never thought it’d be possible to inspire and take part in corporate social responsibility activities within the walls of our office.

What can you tell us about the culture and work environment at Oracle NetSuite?

Oracle NetSuite values diversity and building a culture of acceptance, despite people’s differences, ranging from their color to their sexual orientation and physical attributes. We’ve created a fun and comfortable environment where people come to work every day without being discriminated.

At Oracle NetSuite, we also value employee welfare through work-life balance initiatives that maintain a happy and warm workplace. Several internal organizations, created by the company, bring non-work-related activities into the office, such as sporting events, opportunities to share common interests, and outreach programs.

This place has become a home to talented professionals who give importance to their work, while enjoying life outside the office.

Tell us more about the career opportunities available in your team.

Oracle NetSuite’s Professional Services team is continuously growing in Manila. We’re hiring Project Managers with significant years of experience in ERP and software implementations.

Aside from the great people you get to interact with every day, Oracle NetSuite has a great environment to expand your skills, both in ERP and in Project Management. We align our processes and methodologies with international standards, which is beneficial to those who aim to develop their talent by gaining experience in developing high-quality work. Visit our website to learn more about our open positions.

Do you have any career advice to share with our readers?

One of the things I’ve learned in my years in the industry is to invest more on your long-term goals and to value your passion.

In the earlier years of my career, I used to take different work roles that didn’t require much interaction with people, although I knew from the very start that collaboration and mentoring people were what I generally enjoyed. Later, I explored taking an IT Consulting role, which opened my doors in helping customers with solutions that worked best for their business.

Through these active interactions with customers, I learned that I had something more to offer in my career: leadership. This brought me to opportunities in Project Management where I got the chance to lead people and customers in achieving goals by delivering project implementations. Through continuous exploration of your passion, you’re also opening yourself to understanding who you are and of what you’re capable.

One of the reasons why I’m thankful for being with Oracle NetSuite is that they support their employees in achieving their long-term goals, and lead us to internal opportunities that fulfill our passions.

Why should people join Oracle NetSuite?

Simple: we’re the leader in cloud-based ERP; we have the best leadership and people; we have endless career opportunities; we value your ideas here. Oracle NetSuite is the place to be for professionals exploring their full potential and aiming for the best in their careers.

Do you want to work for Oracle NetSuite? Explore our career opportunities and send your résumé to our dedicated Oracle Talent Advisor, Angelo Irvin Francisco, to consider you for one of our open positions.


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