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Oracle Celebrates Its Hispanic American Employees

"Don’t ever have the mindset that you’re stuck and that there isn’t another option.” -Mia A., Deal Specialist, Americas Shared Service Center

As part of National Hispanic American Heritage Month, we asked our Latin American employees to share how Oracle’s diverse and inclusive work environment allows them to be themselves, and thus bring their unique points of view to the company’s challenging projects. On this occasion, we have Mia telling her story.

Born and raised in a small city in Peru called Ica, Mia lived there until she was 15 years old. When she and her family moved to Texas, Mia was old enough to understand that there would be several obstacles ahead of her to reach her career goals. “I focused on consistently pushing myself to achieve everything I proposed to myself, one by one,” she recalls. Today, Mia is a Deal Specialist in the License team at the Americas Shared Services Center for Latin America, where they draft complex deals for this region.

Coming from a different culture, Mia understands that adapting to a new environment and language can be difficult. One life lesson she lives by is to continue moving forward. “Whether you’re going through good or difficult times,” she says, “don’t ever have the mindset that you’re stuck and that there isn’t another option. A saying I often heard when I was younger was that ‘everything has a solution, except death.’ So make the best of any situation. In my own life, this includes starting from scratch in a new country, learning a new language, and adapting to another culture.”

Mia’s philosophy about diversity and inclusion is that both are essential in any organization. “It’s important for a company to have diverse races, genders, and ethnicities because it brings a broader mix of educational backgrounds, skill sets, perspectives, experiences, and personalities,” she adds. Mia also says that inclusion is equally important because with such a diverse environment, employees must feel respected and supported to increase their engagement and participation. “These two go hand in hand; they’re vital to any company,” she says.

As a member of the Oracle Latinos Alliance (OLA), Mia looks forward to National Hispanic American Heritage Month because it means celebrating Hispanic culture and roots at work. “At Oracle, the OLA board has coordinated a month full of Hispanic-related events that include Member Appreciation Day, a mini kermis (festival) with games and food, community volunteering, speed mentoring, and more. Celebrating this month at Oracle means a lot, not only to me, but also to all Hispanics.”

Finally, Mia would like to bring awareness regarding the dates when the National Hispanic American Heritage Month is celebrated. “This year, the celebration begins on Sunday, September 15, and ends on Tuesday, October 15. During this month, we recognize the positive influences made by Hispanic and Latino Americans in the United States that have enriched our nation and society. Additionally, we recognize the importance of Hispanic and Latino Americans’ presence by celebrating their heritage and culture. Please join our events and celebrate with us!”

To learn more about our diverse and inclusive work environment, visit oracle.com/diversity. Create the future with us.

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  • Claudia Tuesday, October 29, 2019
    Bravo Mia!
    As a fellow Peruvian, also an immigrant to the United States, I understand what you went thru and applaud your courage and tenacity in reaching your goals and objectives, while motivating others to achieve theirs. Congratulations!
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