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Navy Veteran Applies Knowledge and Empathy to Succeed

"I'm glad this program exists for veterans like myself that are trying to find their place back in civilian life." -Vincent Y., Data Center Infrastructure Software Engineering Intern, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

As part of the 12-week Oracle Veteran Internship Program, Vincent is a Software Engineering Intern in the Data Transfer Services team in Santa Clara, California. His team focuses on facilitating new region builds, as well as expansions for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Born in the US and growing up as a Chinese-American, Vincent always enrolled in a variety of classes to learn many different things, such as math, language, and music. “Leading into the Navy, I’ve spent almost my entire career always learning as a part of performing my job,” he says. “Given those past experiences, it made it a bit easier to transition into a software engineering career, which also requires you to always learn to be competitive in the job market.” Regarding his role as a veteran intern at Oracle, the standard is no different. “I find myself always learning new solutions to the issues I come across when writing my application.” “It may sound a bit cliché to say,” Vincent continues, “but I am passionate about my career. I love that I am always learning new things as part of being a software developer.”

One lesson learned from his previous military experience that Vincent would like to share involves leadership. “I’ve come to appreciate that most individuals in the military come into leadership roles after they’ve spent some time as followers. When you take on the role of a leader, you are able to understand what your team has gone through, and what your team needs to accomplish their job. You understand their work and can empathize with their experiences. You’ve shown that you can accomplish the mission, while taking care of the people that work for you.”

May is Military Appreciation Month. As a Navy veteran, Vincent takes this time of the year to reflect on his service to his country. “It is a month to also appreciate the things that my country has given me; to remember my comrades who are still serving, and the things they will be called upon to do to protect this country,” he says. “May is also Asian American Heritage Month, so as an Asian-American, I am proud of my heritage and I hope that my fellow Asian-Americans are proud to represent our culture and traditions as well.”

Vincent says that the military is a completely different world, with its own unique culture, customs, and experiences that shape each person differently, and differently than those who have never served. “If a veteran is assigned to your team, the advice they give you is to take time to get to know and understand veteran coworkers, because everyone in the military has had their own unique experiences that may bring additional perspectives and value to the team and business.” “Furthermore,” he adds, “if the veteran has only recently been separated from the military, I think that it would be important to empathize and keep in mind that this individual is probably still trying to readjust to civilian life.”

Finally, Vincent is extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Oracle Veteran Internship Program. “I’m glad that this program exists for veterans like myself that are trying to find their place back in civilian life.” Vincent will graduate from the program in June. We wish him the best of luck in his career as a software developer!

If you’re looking to join an inclusive employer that values experience from the full military community, learn more about our Oracle careers for veterans and military spouses.

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  • Mbam Chigozie Cypril Monday, June 3, 2019
    Hello sir, I appreciate your profound regards to the Oracle and the tips of wisdom you have highlighted. I must say, you are a leader. I wish you all the best in your career.
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