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My virtual internship: Developing real products for real customers

This summer I was lucky enough to be one of Oracle’s first virtual technical interns. Given the challenges surrounding COVID-19, I worried I might have an unfulfilling summer ahead, but instead I enjoyed a rewarding 12 weeks full of constant growth and impactful work that will be put into production in over 18,000 businesses!

Cloud customers of dreams

My internship was specifically with Oracle NetSuite, a cloud solution that’s built for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). It manages business finances, operations, and customer relationships. NetSuite is one of the most popular ERP clouds in the world—it boasts some of the biggest names in music streaming, the retail industry and much more. When these brands began gaining traction and losing their status as startups, they needed reliable software to store all their highly sensitive data, so they turned to Oracle NetSuite. By having their employees log into personal NetSuite accounts, they’re able to access information about transactions, customers, and employees in one secure location.

What my team does

As Oracle NetSuite grew, they recognized that customer needs were changing and new demands were stemming from customers that placed major responsibility in their software. This turned into the mission to customize NetSuite to the specifics of individual business models and products.

Emily and Her Team Virtual InternshipHence, the SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) team was born and allowed a way for “techy” customers to tailor NetSuite software to their own needs. 

Before we allow the customer to actually upload their changes, the SDF team is responsible for validating them to make sure that the entire website will work perfectly upon deployment.

Building my own product feature

One of the two big projects I got to work on this summer was creating my very own validation check that will go live with the next NetSuite release! It’s a “Circular Dependency Validator” that checks if there are any circular dependencies between objects in the SDF customization that may not deploy correctly to the website. To do this, I was given an amazing team that all acted as my mentors and were always more than happy to give me a hand. Everyone I met during my time at Oracle was so genuinely helpful and wanted to help me succeed.

The experience of a lifetime

ThroEmily C Virtual Internship Oracleughout my internship, I was absolutely blown away by the hands-on experience I received without actually being in the office. Besides working on a project with real impact, I was able to attend virtual yoga sessions, tech talks held by VPs of Oracle, and meet some of the brightest people in tech along the way.

Thank you Oracle for giving me the chance to grow tremendously as a young software engineer!


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  • Bob Cardenas Thursday, November 26, 2020
    Congrats on your awesome summer at Oracle! Wonderful to see you were provided an excellent opportunity to make an impact.
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