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Making a solid impact with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

"OCI leadership gives a strong amount of trust to drive changes from the bottom up." -Coreen Y., Senior Member of Technical Staff, Oracle Cloud Infrastucture

As a user of cloud software, Coreen Y. was always interested in knowing how things worked behind the scenes of this technology, since it’s present in every single aspect of everyday life, including transportation, communication, and healthcare, among many others. When she discovered that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) gave her the opportunity to explore the infrastructure setup for a growing cloud platform, and learn by contributing to it, she knew she wanted to join the Seattle-based team.

A solid impact

Coreen is a Senior Member of Technical Staff in OCI’s Bare Metal Compute team. Her position entails keeping in a good state the bare-metal instances that both internal and external customers use. “Whether it’s closing the gap between different internal workflows or improving latency, everything done by this team has an impact on our customers,” Coreen acknowledges.

Feeling the difference

Coming from a startup environment, Coreen finds that Oracle shares that same vibe, even though it’s a much more established company. Many tasks that she may have done in a startup now have dedicated teams to work on them. “Deployments are much more locked down (in a good way) to help reduce manual error,” she says.

Adding to Coreen’s delight, OCI “focuses on nailing the basics before chasing after feature work.” She applauds that “there’s a good emphasis on having a strong operational dashboard to understand service health at all times, in order to best respond to customer usage.” She also appreciates the “strong amount of trust that leadership gives to drive changes from the bottom up.”

Helping industries scale

All of these qualities are great to have around when Coreen works on her current project: improvements to Oracle’s High Performance Computing (HPC) solution. “I feel that these improvements will have a huge impact on industries that heavily use simulations, such as the automotive industry. Having on-premises HPC servers is extremely costly for those companies, so having an available cloud solution for this problem makes it much easier for them to scale,” Coreen explains.

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