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Long-Term Value Rules at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Raman Sonkhla

At Oracle, Developers have the resources, time, and space to build the cloud from the ground up, with a focus on long-term value over short-term deadlines. Raman Sonkhla, Software Developer, tells you what it’s like to work with this experienced team on challenging, rewarding projects. Remember to apply for our open positions using the info at the bottom of this blog article. Create the future with us!

Delivering Virtual Networking

Hello! My name is Raman Sonkhla; I’m a Software Developer in the Virtual Cloud Network – Control Plane (VCNCP) team. My role involves working with product management and partner teams to build virtual networking features that our customers need. Once partner teams clarify product requirements and contracts, my team is responsible for designing customer-facing APIs and associated back-end implementation, to generate configuration we deliver to thousands of data-plane nodes for enforcement.

Tools of the Trade

On VCNCP’s side, most of our code is in Java, with a little bit of Python and Shell scripts for deployment-related automation. We use Dropwizard as our web service framework and Guice for dependency injection. We rely quite a bit on workflows and event processing. We also have a few homegrown stacks that need to scale to hundreds of thousands of clients, querying every second for discovery and updates.

A Developer’s Opportunity

At Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), I get to see how they build the different services that make up the cloud, from the ground up. I have the opportunity to work on challenging projects in a team of smart people with vast experience, which helps me grow as a software developer. We get time and resources to do the right thing, resulting in lightweight operational load and better work-life balance.

Long-Term > Short-Term

As most of my teammates are from other major cloud providers, they’ve experienced the operational pain that is often the result of prioritizing short-term goals over long-term, scalable design. Our management helps us get sufficient resources, time, and space to figure out what we need to do for the long-term vision, without pressure of meeting short-term deadlines. There’s still a lot we need to deliver. Hence, people who join OCI have the opportunity to do lots of development work and make their mark.

Do you want to join the OCI team in India? If you want us to consider you for this opportunity, click here to send your résumé today to our dedicated Oracle Talent Advisor, Sajita Kaur. You can also connect with Raman Sonkhla on LinkedIn for a friendly chat on Oracle’s various opportunities.


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