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Leadership Is an Action At Oracle

Sandy Elvington
Sr. Manager, Managing at Oracle


Oracle prepares everyone to be a leader.  You might not have the title, but your actions and your ability to get the job done play into others’ perceptions of whether or not you are capable of leading.  Some people might find that a formal people manager role is appropriate for them; others might find that they prefer to lead project teams without HR responsibility, and still others might prefer to be a leader in their area of expertise.  All of these leadership roles are possible at Oracle.

Oracle turns leadership into action by offering development opportunities for all kinds of leaders – some are based upon your position in the company, but many are available to all employees.  One of the leadership development opportunities available to all employees is the Oracle Leadership Challenge.

During the month of October, the Oracle Leadership Challenge provides participants with a daily challenge that takes about 10 minutes to complete.  Each challenge is focused on a leadership related activity or topic.  This year’s Challenge focused on the themes of Building Self, Building Others and Building Teams.  Additional challenges looked at leadership lessons from the movies and prompted leaders to reflect on the things they have learned about their own leadership journey.

If you’re interested in challenging yourself to learn more about leadership – in whatever way you want to lead – consider exploring some of the following resources and activities:

  • Explore employee stories. Every Oracle employee has a story to tell, and this site lets you discover how different employees are leading in their own areas.  These stories will provide insight into the variety of roles you might play at Oracle.
  • Complete the Building Great Managers and Leading Successful Teams learning paths on Oracle Launchpad.  These paths give you a brief insight into the skills needed to lead people and teams at Oracle (or any organization).
  • Schedule some informational interviews with leaders that you already know.  Be sure to listen more than you talk, thank the person you’re interviewing, and ask who else they would recommend.  Need some more information on information interviews?  Check out the blog post And What, Exactly, Is an Informational Interview?
  • Check out the leadership courses on Lynda.com or free courses on Coursera.  Some local libraries offer free access to Lynda.com content.  If you’re still enrolled in university, you might even check at your school’s library to see what is available.

At Oracle, you can choose to be a leader – and you can continually develop yourself as you define your own leadership journey.

Find out how you can craft your own leadership journey by exploring  Oracle careers.

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