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  • April 28, 2017

Late start for a quick starter

Raluca Ursu
Employer Branding Coordinator EMEA

Doors tend to open when you have a flair for sales like Farah Garry. What’s interesting about Farah, however, is how she’s also used her talent to help keep the doors open for an essential service.

Ireland-based but originally from Dubai, Farah’s parents take care of around 400 orphan children across three separate orphanages in Dubai and India. So, whenever she’s back in Dubai or India, Farah spends her time at the orphanage where her chosen profession helps make a real difference.

“Funds are always a pressing issue for the orphanages so my enterprise sales experience is almost invaluable,” she says. “And I’ve also gotten an inside look at large corporate CSR schemes over the years, so can help us navigate them too.”

In fact, there’s plenty of room for crossover since her role as an Oracle Digital Sales Manager, selling Oracle’s Marketing Cloud solutions, is all about creating new opportunities in multiple verticals and so demands a diverse range of tactics.

Late starter

Speaking with Farah, it feels like she was born to work in sales but she actually worked for years in marketing communications. It took an observant senior manager at a previous role, at Capgemini, to identify her potential.

“When talking with people, I have a good sense of what’s resonating or making them uncomfortable, which I can react to. People are obviously going to respond better to you if they like what you’re saying – my manager spotted this and pushed me to have a go at sales.”

Farah then points to her education as helping her to take advantage of this opportunity, having secured a first in psychology followed by an MBA: “Psychology definitely helps you to understand why people would buy from you, while the MBA means I can hold my own when talking with C-level business leaders,” she says.

Enjoying the view

Farah joined Oracle just over two years ago and is rightly proud of quickly having risen to a management position. She sees a lot of her own values and interests reflected in Oracle, which she says has helped.

“I love learning about different cultures and I’ve lived and worked in five different countries, so it’s great to have colleagues from places like Ireland, Israel, Pakistan, Canada and the US. Even more though, Oracle really rewards creativity and people who think differently to make things happen.”

Here Farah is talking about the other great passions in her life: photography and watercolour painting, which proved decisive when it came to moving to Ireland. 

“The first thing I wanted to do was to paint the famous Irish landscape. I’ve now had two exhibitions here and I’m currently working on a third called The Dublin Door – painting Dublin’s legendary Georgian front doors, which aren’t often painted in watercolour.”

A well-travelled path

Despite being relatively new to Oracle, Farah remains very focussed on the long-term: “The mentorship programme at Oracle is great for connecting with others who made that journey from the same starting point as you. I’m confident that I can progress by remaining focussed and working hard.”

That said, Farah is grateful that the work-life balance at Oracle allows her to pursue her art and charity work – sometimes simultaneously: recent donations of second hand cameras gave the children the chance to try photography for the first time.

“If I was a full-time artist then I could never switch off,” she says. “I’d need to network constantly. Instead, painting and supporting the orphanage is what I do to truly unwind and, fortunately, I still have the time for it.”

If you, like Farah, like to pursue passions while focusing on your career growth objectives, Oracle Digital is the place for you - we're hiring across the region! Check out the positions and apply at oracle.com/experience.

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  • Anca Wednesday, August 30, 2017
    This is really inspiring!!! You are great, Farah!!!
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