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Join a Market Leader; Join Oracle SaaS Sales

Oracle Women - Tracey Berry

For Tracey Berry, ERP and EPM Account Director, being a part of the Oracle SaaS Applications team means she gets to enjoy the growth and recognition of THE market leader in cloud technology. Read our interview with Tracey and discover what a sales career at Oracle can do for you.

Why did you join the Oracle SaaS Applications team?

I joined the team almost two years ago now. My prior experience extended across many years in technology sales, with a broad range of solutions and customers. This was the first time I had the opportunity to develop my skills in cloud solutions, which was a real driver for making the change from traditional solutions.

At the time, the team was driving to take the Oracle SaaS vision to the market and change the perception of the company. It was an exciting change in Oracle’s strategy, and provided an interesting discussion to have with both new and existing customers.

How is it like to work in your team?

To be part of the team that is set to deliver one of Larry Ellison’s key strategies for the future of Oracle is extremely satisfying. As an Account Director, the role that I play with my customers can be very diverse—every day is different. We have such a huge range of market-leading offerings; I can have confidence knowing that Oracle will continue to innovate and improve these offerings to remain market leaders.

In doing this, we are in a unique position to invest in our customers’ future. This means I can develop a relationship where my customers can come to me first for solutions that continue to meet and adapt to their business needs. It’s quite empowering being able to tell your customers that your products are the market leaders.

What inspires you in your role?

The success of our team means the national team is attracting many good people across the industry. This growth adds to the depth of the overall team, providing opportunities to learn from their experiences, developing a culture of sharing and winning together, and of course, a little internal competition to drive success doesn’t hurt either.

My role provides so many challenges. The solutions we are taking to market can be quite a paradigm shift for our customers, whilst providing them with a real ability to innovate. It’s great to be part of that journey.

Tell us more about the meaningful work that you do.

I am lucky enough to work with two leading sectors within Oracle: Health and Higher Education. These sectors not only employ tens of thousands of staff in Western Australia (WA), they have an impact on nearly every WA resident at some time in their lives.

There is a direct correlation between the solutions I can offer these customers and the recognition of benefits to their business, such as:

  • Providing the opportunity for hospitals to recover debt more seamlessly.
  • Providing solutions that can ensure the right prosthetic can be in the right hospital surgery at the right time, every time.
  • The ability to budget for the number of beds or nurses that may be required in a hospital at any point in time, based on trends and real-time data, which removes guesswork.
  • Providing a solution to manage a multi-million-dollar capital project with a single point of truth at all times, reducing risk of loss or projects going off track.
  • Enabling visibility, understanding, and clarity of a student’s journey from pre-admission, undergrad, and post-grad studies through to becoming university alumni.

The nice thing about our solutions is that there really is no limit to how they can adapt to varied business outcomes. It certainly isn’t a boring place to be.

What are the career opportunities available in the Oracle SaaS Applications team?

Being part of such a huge organization means that there is constant change in both the solutions that we provide. Continuous growth means there is always an opportunity to develop your career path across different customer segments, lines of business, geographic boundaries, or roles. Really, our opportunities’ limits are the ones you choose for yourself.

There are many diverse career opportunities available in the Oracle SaaS Applications team. We’re currently hiring Sales Representatives for CX, ERP, and HCM across a variety of roles and levels.

Why should people join the Oracle SaaS Applications team?

Oracle is the ideal employer for somebody who feels excited by innovation, is prepared to embrace change, and thrives on challenges.


Do you want to join the Oracle SaaS Applications team? Explore Oracle’s SaaS sales opportunities, or connect with Tracey Berry on LinkedIn for a friendly chat to learn more about a career at Oracle.

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