Why Treating Your Job Like Your BFF Matters

I could never picture my life without my best friends. The amount of effort invested in keeping us together as well as the good times that have made our lives so enjoyable and real convinced me that there’s nothing more beautiful and rewarding than building long lasting friendships. This got me thinking about commitments, our responsibilities when it comes to jobs and how much better we could handle them if we applied the same principles we use when building our friendships. Let...

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What Can a Game of Chess Teach You About Your Next Job Interview

Credits: Have you ever felt like turning back time to fix a failed job interview? You know…that moment when you know you could’ve done so much better if you only had one more chance? I’ve come to think that job interviews can sometimes seem like a challenging game of chess. Everything you say or do will influence the next steps. Even your job. That’s why it’s always clever to be one step ahead. But you've got quite some ground to cover before even engaging in the...

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Development & Support Engineer Job Vacancies - Oracle Financial Services - Bangalore, India

Development & Support Engineer(s) - Oracle Financial Services - Bangalore, India Multiple Roles At Oracle, you make the difference Oracle Corporation is the world's leading supplier of software for information management, and the world's second largest independent software company. With annual revenues of more than $US 18 billion, the company offers its database, tools and application products, along with related consulting, education, and support services. We currently have...

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Oracle North America Recruiting on LinkedIn and Facebook by Theodora King

Besides communicating with friends and colleagues via Facebook and LinkedIn, you can form “groups” for people of similar interests. Established bloggers are using Facebook and LinkedIn groups for their blogs, we figured we would do the same to help fill our open positions here in Oracle. In addition, Facebook and LinkedIn Groups promote Oracle’s internet presence, stimulate relevant discussions and share news with our community all in one spot. Social Networking Groups...

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Journey with Hyperion by Pushpa Sreenivasan

We at Oracle have come a long way in the Hyperion arena. Hyperion is one of my favourite domains as I was the key member to even have started building the team for Hyperion Consulting in OSSI. This large team of consultants, is slated as one practice that grew beyond boundaries in the shortest span of time. This team is doing excellent consulting work in the Hyperion area across EMEA. I still remember how we all started from scratch sometime in July 2007 in building the team....

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The Key to a Job Opportunity – By Prashant Singh

Your Resume or CV is one of the most important documents that you may write in your career. Mistakes in your CV could therefore cost you the opportunity of a lifetime. Here are some common errors to be avoided while writing your CV: 1) Spelling Mistakes: Spelling mistakes can leave a poor impression. So have your CV read by someone to remove such errors before you go ahead and apply for a job. 2) Factual mistakes: Incorrect tenure in an organisation, incorrect education...

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