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How to prepare for behavioral interview questions

During the final interview phase for Oracle, you’ll be asked questions that will demonstrate how you would behave in particular work scenarios. This process is designed to help us understand how you’ve handled situations in the past and how those might point to your future performance and success. Behavioral interview questions may be in combination with a technical discussion, but have the added component of helping us understand how you cope with change, approach learning, and overcome challenges and obstacles.

When presented with a question that’s behavioral in nature, think about providing your answers in the following way: STAR.

S – Situation. What was the situation? Describe in brief. (This is the challenge you were facing.)
T – Task. What was the task you were assigned? What was your responsibility?
A – Action. What action did you take?
R – Result. What happened because of your action?

To prepare for these questions, take a moment to think of a number of challenging situations you have faced, such as difficulty with a new technology, project, timeline, customer, ambiguity, process, or even a team member.

Think of situations where you were challenged with what was the right thing to do. What did you do and how did you handle it?

When preparing examples, consider how they align with the Oracle core values which are attached in your interview prep packet.

Also, consider situations when you haven’t succeeded as you had hoped. Why did it happen and what did you learn from that experience?

Think of the impact you had in any given situation. Impact is crucial. How did something specifically benefit from having you engaged?

What are you working on right now to enable you to be a better engineer, software developer, designer, etc.? How do you strive toward excellence? How do you learn? Are you proactive in learning? Do you learn by observation, by doing, by educating yourself through training, reading, or classes?

Why are you leaving your current role? What do you hope to gain in your new role? Focus on the positive aspects.

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  • Roxanne Tuesday, March 9, 2021
    Thank you for this insightful and instructional article. The overview of Star is helpful and provides the skill development to focus on information to convey in the interview process --when it can be a stressful time for applicants. This information helped me to believe I am set up for success with Oracle even before I interview.
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