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How to grow your sales career like Hilario

When Hilario joined our Oracle Digital hub in Dublin, he was just starting out on his career as a business development consultant. The last thing he expected was to receive a promotion after just two months on the job. But in that short space of time, it became very obvious to Hilario’s leaders that he had found his calling in sales. As you would expect of any true sales professional, Hilario welcomed his promotion with open arms.

“As a business associate I got full visibility into the sales process,” he shares. “I was working for the senior vice president of our ERP sales organization: generating weekly reports, testing and implementing a new tool for the forecast process, making sure the information on the systems was accurate and updated, supervising the sales cycle, and creating and implementing new sales practices,” he lists.

Follow the leader

Hilario was initially attracted to Oracle because he believed in our products and considered Oracle an industry leader. His previous work experience helped him understand the financial and operational impact of our solutions for customers. “Oracle is one of the leading software companies in the world—anything short of excellent isn’t good enough in this industry,” he insists. “To work with some of the best sales people around really motivated me to learn, challenge myself, and outperform my targets.”

Looking back now, Hilario feels grateful that he joined a company that has helped him get so far. “Oracle is committed to supporting young talent. The application process was very thorough and involved the whole leadership team from my organization,” he shares. “But I believed in myself. Fortunately, at Oracle, the willingness to do more, to be ambitious, and to make a difference is something that’s widely recognized and valued. I think it’s been one of the best decisions of my life.”

Onwards and upwards

After completing a year as a business associate, Hilario followed his manager’s advice and applied for the position of account executive. He agreed being on the ground would help him gain priceless first-hand experience with customers. Hilario was successful in his application and is thriving in his new role.

“This is one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever taken on,” he admits. “But it’s also one of the biggest opportunities I’ve ever been given in my life. I now cover more than 2,000 accounts, consisting of existing customers and new business. I’m running more than ten sales cycles at the same time,” he says proudly.

Career advice

Hilario thinks there a number of factors involved in his incredible growth at Oracle.  “You have the opportunity to learn from your coworkers, some of the best professionals in the industry, who have decades of experience,” he offers. “Plus there’s our culture of reward and recognition. Rewards go to those who go the extra mile, try new things, learn new skills, and make an impact with the tools that Oracle provides.”

For those who’d like to emulate Hilario’s incredible career trajectory, he has a few pointers to share. “You have to outperform each of your KPIs in whatever role you’re in—this will show you have the ability and determination to achieve what you set out for yourself,” he instructs. “If you’re able to add value, you’ll always find people who will encourage you and help you achieve even more. Keep pushing and lead by example. As our CEO Larry Ellison would say, ‘you have to believe in what you do in order to get what you want.”

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  • Sayeed Ahmed Thursday, January 28, 2021
    I have a great passion for sales, been doing sales & business development, and hope to be working with a firm like Oracle one day.
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