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Partner today, build for tomorrow: How Rachel is increasing Autism awareness

"What we do today builds the foundation for future generations." Rachel Blake, Customer and Employee Engagement

Celebrating diversity is at the very center of what Oracle believes in—and this couldn’t be more important to Rachel Blake, both personally and professionally.

“We are privileged at Oracle to be part of a global organization, which provides us with the unique opportunity to partner with diverse people from around the world. My own cultural background and passion for inclusion has enabled me to successfully lead global/remote teams and to engage with customers.”

Rachel Blake started her Oracle career six years ago managing  several support teams within Oracle Hospitality, Food and Beverage and is now part of the Customer & Employee Experience team. She recently became communications chair for Oracle’s Diverse Abilities Network (ODAN).

Creating community through awareness

Her son’s Autism diagnosis (non-verbal) ignited Rachel’s passion for Autism Awareness and Disability Employment Awareness and reaffirmed her focus on building empowering and diverse organizations.

“Professionally, I have seen the importance of building diverse teams and fully supporting their development. Fostering an inclusive workplace today while building a future full of opportunities for those with disabilities, like my son Christian, is extremely important to me and is a call to action for us.”

Her role with ODAN also helped provide a valuable support network during the difficult time of her son’s diagnosis, and she’s committed to paying this forward as the co-lead of the new group for Oracle parents/caregivers of those with disabilities.

Partner today, build tomorrow

Rachel’s efforts are rooted in her philosophy that is critical to partner today in order to build for tomorrow. “I believe in the power that we each have today to partner and advocate for an inclusive workplace and to a greater extent, a more inclusive world. What we do today builds the foundation for future generations,” she explained.

By building empathy and celebrating our differences, recognizing Autism Awareness at Oracle is all about the advantages that come with creating an organization that values compassion and understands the strengths that come with fostering the talent of our neurodiverse community.

According to Rachel, “Being part of the culture of inclusion means celebrating those with different abilities and their talents. I would like others to know that Autistic people have the potential to make significant contributions, when provided the opportunity.”

At Oracle, we don’t just hire people with disabilities, we encourage them to share their stories, strengths, and talents to drive our business forward.

“I celebrate Oracle’s numerous efforts to build a more inclusive workplace. May we continue to stand in solidary with the Autistic community and may we build a more inclusive future for those with disabilities.”

Do you want to join a company that believes in the power of diversity? Learn more about Oracle’s commitment to embracing diverse abilities and creating a more equitable and accessible future.

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