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How Oracle is Developing Female Leaders

Diverse group at Oracle Women's Leadership eventOracle thrives on diversity. By building diverse and inclusive teams, we think more strategically and work more creatively. That’s why it’s crucial that we continuously leverage our powerful pool of female talent. At Oracle, we have an initiative that unites our employees for the empowerment of women: Oracle Women’s Leadership (OWL).  

Our purpose drives us

OWL’s mission is to develop, engage, and empower current and future generations of female leaders at Oracle. We work together to:

  • Enhance employees’ leadership and professional development skills.
  • Strengthen employees’ professional networks and improve organizational awareness.
  • Foster an inclusive workplace that empowers female leaders.

Oracle Women’s Leadership in Numbers

Oracle Women's Leadership Stats: 11 years old, 95 communities in 46 countries, 400+ events in FY18 for 14,000+ attendees

Developing Female Leaders

Empowering women to reach their leadership potential is at the heart of the OWL organisation. Vidya Nagaraj, Vice President of Education Product Management and Services, is testament to the organisation’s ability to help women grow their careers:

“Thanks to OWL, I’ve built a wonderful network and had the opportunity to learn from so many inspirational leaders. My OWL experience helped shape the confident leader I am today, and I’m honored to help others as the OWL Lead for India.

“I related to the OWL philosophy of creating a community of women who come together to inspire each other. I believe in the concept of ‘paying it forward’ and it means a lot to me that I can contribute towards the empowerment of other women.”

Emerging Leaders Summit

OWL’s commitment to developing female leaders is now even more tangible with the advent of the ‘Emerging Leaders Summit.’ This global series of events invests in Oracle’s emerging leaders with skills workshops, innovation sessions and invaluable networking opportunities. We are connecting future generations of female leaders with the knowledge and resources that are vital to succeed in the digital age.

Infinite Possibilities

Lauren Diehl is Oracle’s Global Customer Success Management Program leader. As HQ OWL Executive Sponsor, she’s a firm believer that OWL can help women achieve their career goals, “There are an infinite number of possibilities for your career. I believe that with passion, purpose and persistence, you can accomplish everything you put your mind to. And that is what OWL is—an opportunity to achieve your ambitions alongside smart, capable women who will support you every step of the way.

“I’ve been a part of OWL since it started many years ago. I wanted to ensure as many women as possible got to benefit from the amazing community of women and men across Oracle. OWL opens up a world of opportunity—from career advice to new career paths you never could have dreamed of.”

Balance for Better

Oracle Women Lead has summits across the entire planet every yearOWL is an inclusive organization that believes men and women are stronger when they work together—a theme which is central to this year’s International Women’s Day mantra of #BalanceforBetter.  “OWL welcomes all employees,” advises Yuan Lin, Software Developer and Chairperson of Dalian OWL, “we are delighted to have men join our cause. It’s when we work together for the empowerment of all that we can achieve the most. OWL can help everyone develop a strong, actionable career plan and give you a platform to build your personal brand.”

Carolina Florez, Vice President of Human Resources in Latin America and OWL member, strongly agrees with this sentiment too, “Inclusion is the opposite of exclusion. That means that empowering women is not about excluding men—the development of women leaders is everyone’s responsibility. OWL activities are open to all because everyone deserves access to career advancement.”

Sharing the Journey

OWL Member and Marketing Manager in Argentina, Agustina Nigro, finds strength in the OWL community. “One of the most powerful ways we can uplift each other is by sharing our stories. The ups, the downs, our setbacks and our achievements. We all have our own path to take in life and our career— but we can get there a lot quicker, and with more success, when we make the journey together.”

Join a diverse and inclusive culture where you can realise your potential. Discover our career opportunities and follow @OracleWomenLead on Twitter to keep up-to-date with the latest OWL news.



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  • Vidya Thursday, February 21, 2019
    Great start! Kudos to OWL teams all over the world!

    Happy Women's Day!
  • Farkhanda Ilyas Friday, July 19, 2019
    It was wonderful experience and we can create leaders by enhancing their skill and expertise. OWL is a platform where women capitalize their intellect and creativity.
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