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How Oracle Advances Education in Computer Science

On February 11, global leaders in science, technology, and diplomacy gather at the United Nations headquarters for the fourth annual International Day of Women and Girls in Science, which aims to achieve equality in science for sustainable development.

While science and technology play key roles in today’s global economy, young people—particularly girls—are turning away from science subjects. Raising interest and education in computer science among young people is necessary for increasing the number of future IT professionals.

Advancing education globally

Students at Oracle Code 4 Kids EventWe believe all students should have the knowledge and skills to achieve their dreams. Oracle Academy is a free educational program that advances computer science globally, supporting more than 15,000 educational institutions and 6.3 million students in 128 countries. Working with member educational institutions, Oracle Academy offers free resources to educators for classroom use, as well as learning opportunities for students to help them expand knowledge, develop skills, and innovate. To help students become college and career ready, we work with organizations to engage students in computing through events, including the following, where we:

  • Welcomed 400 students to Oracle Code 4 Kids, a fun, hands-on programming event to inspire the next generation of developers, and provide students ages 10–16 with the opportunity to learn and practice coding, robotics projects, and more.
  • Supported the third national-level Hackathon for Women in Computing India, to help inspire current and potential developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to come together, form connections, and apply their skills to create a “Sustainable Smart Society.”
  • Hosted Girls in ICT Day celebrations throughout Latin America, where leaders from Oracle, industry, and academia engaged with more than 700 young women participants. The events celebrating knowledge, inspiration, and innovation featured exciting projects, including a 3D programming workshop.
  • Introduced coding with Java to students in Greece during a two-day event at the National Library of Greece, where children spent the weekend learning how to create 3D animation stories with the educational software Alice.

Charting career paths

Students coding with Java in GreeceAsk a classroom of children what they want to be when they grow up, and “work for a software company” is unlikely to be one of the top answers. Nevertheless, whatever their dream job is—doctor, astronaut, musician, teacher, scientist—odds are that software will be crucial to it.

To encourage more students to pursue computer science, we have to bring more prominence to charting future career paths, according to a new study by Couragion and Oracle Academy. Throughout our events, we help students see how computer science is an enabler for what they want to do.

Instead of asking students, “Do you want to learn to code in Java or SQL?” we may ask, “Do you want to make it easier for people to use computers?” or “Do you like to work with people and manage projects?” or “Do you want to help find a cure for cancer?” Then we would add, “To do this, you have to study Java or SQL programming and math.”

Achieve your dream career at Oracle

Whether you are a software developer, marketer, or salesperson, here at Oracle, you will work at the heart of an industry that is changing the world—our developments in cutting-edge technologies such as AI, augmented reality, blockchain, chatbots, and machine learning have a deep impact on literally every industry worldwide.

This is your opportunity to make your mark on the world, with a company that is just as invested in your future. Explore open positions and apply today. Create the future with us.

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  • Priya Dhaware Monday, February 11, 2019
    Hi, This is the awesome work which you all are doing it and also even I am interested to be the part of it and would love to learn JAVA and SQL.
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