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How My Career Thrives in Oracle’s Culture of Equality

Kathleen Sim
JAPAC Employer Branding Lead

It’s as if only yesterday I landed in Bangalore for my job as a fresher from IIT Bombay. Two decades ago, I was in a new city, with new people, a new culture, and a new environment. I felt both excitement and fear of the unknown as I entered Oracle and the HR team was right there to support me on the very first day. I never knew at that time that I was at a place with a bounty of opportunities for someone who wanted to reach new heights, especially for a natural traveler like me, and the support I’d continue to receive throughout my Oracle career.

Feeding my passion for travel

Let me tell you a secret now… I joined Oracle for the opportunity to travel to exotic locations across the globe. I wasn’t disappointed at all! My first five years here kept me flying often, from unknown African locales to well-known European cities; I could go anywhere on business assignments (of course, I never missed a single back-packing opportunity).

Then began another stage in my life where I had to explore domestic destinations, too. Yes, I’m that “brave girl” married to Olive Green, who’s more of a nomad, trying to move from one place to another to support my patriotic hubby, living a rugged life on hills and deserts. I must admit I expected a lot of work and career flexibility would lead to success, which is what my organization is all about. From working in Oracle offices in Bangalore, Pune and Gurgaon to taking on various roles from IT to Consulting to Business Process Outsourcing, what more could I ask for in variety across my Oracle career?

Growing my career

Now, I lead Solutions and Presales for the Oracle Financial Services Software (OFSS) BPO business. During my tenure at OFSS, I’ve been in a multitude of roles in the areas of Product Engineering, Product Management, and Consulting. Product areas include: FLEXCUBE UBS, FCIS, and OBP. I’ve also been instrumental in setting up the erstwhile Payments Business Practice under Primesourcing in its formative days. I’ve been involved in various product and solution implementations for major OFSS clients.

A culture of equality

Personally, I’ve never viewed my journey from a woman’s perspective. I’ve never brought my gender to work; neither negated it nor operated from a gender lens. I’ve always taken all the roles I’ve played, and continue to play, as part of my complete identity as a person. For me, my femininity has been so integral to my identity that I’ve never had the need to detach from it and view it separately from my masculinity. I’ve found it easy to do what a man can do, and more, without losing my femininity at any point—and I believe Oracle’s inclusive culture has welcomed this.

In the spirit of inclusion, our Oracle Women’s Leadership program cultivates a community of learning for women and men, where they can develop, network and share their career experiences. It enhances our collective skills, increases diversity in our leadership team and empowers us all.

Workplace flexibility

Luckily, Oracle provides transparent and intentional workplace flexibility which is appreciated by all employees, especially women who are so often the ones charged with taking care of family and home responsibilities. I also feel that employees who are given the autonomy to work flexibly are happier and more productive.

I’m glad that today I see men and women who balance their roles and reverse them so beautifully. I see families more supportive of their children and their passions. I see fathers and mothers proud of their daughters’ success, and wonderful young men who fit in so well into it all. I see women feeling less guilty, men operating with fewer egos, and many narratives where people have it all with less compromise—not perfect lives, but more honest and creatively fulfilling, where both men and women are owners of their potential. It gives great hope and joy to a generation like mine, which had no tribe to belong to.

I am proud that Oracle has given me a platform to tell my story, and I encourage you to read more from my fellow women from Oracle India like Nandini and Gayathri.

If you’re interested in working for a company that believes innovation starts with diversity, explore careers with Oracle. Explore Oracle’s various opportunities at our Careers site.


Gayathri R.
Consulting Practice Senior Director, OFSS BPO

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