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Moving up in the world: How career mobility is taking Phoebe’s career to greener pastures

“For me, pushing my limits is the secret to uncovering new passions.” Phoebe Lee, Program Manager

Phoebe is one of our jet-setting employees who has taken full advantage of Oracle’s support for career mobility. A deep-sea diver with a growth mindset, she’s not the type to turn down a challenge, and this has brought her career to new and exciting places—literally. Where has Phoebe’s career path taken her? What has she learned along the way? And what advice can she share with others who want to follow in her footsteps?

Emerald horizons

Phoebe was a program manager based in Oracle Asia when opportunity came knocking. “I had never even thought about moving to Ireland before,” she begins. “When the opportunity came up, I thought about whether it aligned with my personal plans…and it did. It seemed like a fantastic opportunity to grow in the organization. I had very little insight about this part of the world and how business works there and that’s when I just thought, ‘why not?”

Phoebe’s leadership team played a vital role in helping her spread her wings. “It was through a lot of support from the senior leaders and mentors in my organization who vouched for me and connected me with the right people. I’m especially grateful to my manager. He’s been my role model, mentor, and friend. I’m certain he’s the reason I’ve come this far,” she shares. “When I joined Oracle, I had very little experience. He taught me so much which helped me get where I am today. He was the sort of manager who took me along to meetings when I was still new, introduced me to people, and was proud of the work I did.”

Settling into her new life

While Phoebe is still a program manager, she now serves our Business Development Group for EMEA, a role which involves running strategic programs aligned to our sales and marketing goals. How has she found the career transition?

“Before this role, I was doing a similar role in JAPAC supporting our technology group. It’s definitely been a challenge—living and working in another part of the world. Although I’m still with the same organization, it does operate a bit differently across regions. But I’m used to working in a fast-paced business,” she explains. “It’s constantly changing and that gives me the opportunity to push myself further and expand my limits.”

Support from her new colleagues has helped Phoebe enormously. “I have great stakeholders here who I work closely with. The Business Development Group has been very accepting and supportive in terms of giving me the business insights I need,” she continues, “Plus, the people in Ireland are friendly and helpful—they keep checking on me to see if I’m settled in and if I need any help. It’s very easy to collaborate with everyone because they listen and value my ideas.”

Phoebe traveling in Ireland

The importance of a growth mindset

Phoebe isn’t a newbie when it comes to travel, or when it comes to taking on new roles. She recognized some time ago that getting out of her comfort zone is what helps her grow. “I want to be a change agent and always have a growth mindset. When I face challenges, I don’t ask why this happened to me. I work in a business that is always evolving. I have to think about what I can give to our business, and not the other way round. If I’m not adding value, why am I here?,” she asks of herself.

“I believe we all have the capabilities to learn, un-learn, and relearn things. That's how we discover the gaps and improvise. If we stop learning, we stop moving. And if we stop moving, that’s when our competitors can get ahead.”

Experience isn’t everything

Phoebe has clearly gained a wealth of wonderful experience throughout her diverse career. That’s why it might surprise you to learn that she doesn’t actually think experience is a deal-breaker for career success. “I believe that experience is something that you can gain over time, but the real key is the right attitude.

Barring technical roles where a specific skillset is required, the most important thing you can have is the willingness to learn and have an open-mind. Then you can gain whatever experience you need on the job,” she advises. “Going the extra mile gives you skills and knowledge that nobody can take away. Even if you leave a role, those learnings will always stay with you.”

Diving right in

Phoebe doesn’t just like to push her limits at work. Her sense of adventure is what drew her to her favorite pastime. She started deep-sea diving two years ago, but she didn’t exactly take to it like a fish to water—at least not straight away.

“On my first ever dive, I was so panicked I couldn’t breathe properly under water. I wanted to give up and quit right away,” she remembers. “But I told myself to give it another try the next day. That was the day I felt like a mermaid for the first time! Since then I’ve always tried to include it in my travels. In Asia, it was easy with so many beautiful diving locations around. Now that I’m on this part of the world in Europe, I’m really looking forward to exploring the diving sites here,” she enthuses. “I guess, for me, pushing my limits is the secret to uncovering new passions!”

Underwater scuba picture

Phoebe’s advice for women in tech

What advice can Phoebe offer readers who want to take a leaf out of her book and broaden their horizons? “The first thing you need to do is cultivate your networks,” she instructs. “If senior leadership knows the good work you’re doing, that will go a long way. Another important aspect is getting visibility—especially for women. Sometimes we get too comfortable in our roles—that’s when we need to step out of our comfort zone and take up new assignments. And of course, to be visible, we need to speak up. Once you start doing that, the whole ecosystem around you will turn to your advantage and help you move to a role that you find interesting and challenging enough to do.”

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