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Growth finds a way at Oracle Consulting

When it comes to career paths, some are straightforward, while others twist and turn to arrive at success. In Katja Reinisalo’s case, hers is more of the twisty, turny type. Educated as a waiter and chef to work in the restaurant/food and beverage industry, Katja’s first stint was actually as a chef, and then turned to waiting tables. “All of a sudden,” she remembers, after her trip to US working as an au pair, “I thought I should study something more. So, I went to the University of Applied Science and got my Business bachelor.”

Transition through acquisition

Come 2006, Katja joined hospitality company Micros as an Application Specialist, before taking on a Food and Beverage (FB) Team Leader role in 2009. After Oracle acquired Micros in 2014, Katja became an FB Project Management Lead, and then moved up to her current role as an Oracle Finland Consulting Practice Manager in 2019. “I took the chance because I’m the kind of person who needs to step out of the comfort zone,” she says and continues: “I knew it would be difficult, but even if I failed, I would learn a lot.”

Growth for women

As a woman with a shifting career path, Katja recognizes that she’s able to continue her professional development at Oracle because of its commitment to diversity and inclusion. “You can definitely move up the organization if you want to, because you have better opportunities and a supportive environment. No matter your gender, you have equal possibilities if your skills match,” she explains. “There are many women in our team, and we stay motivated because we’re treated with respect in a positive atmosphere.”

Trust to balance

In addition, as a working mom, Katja appreciates that Oracle gives her the flexibility to achieve the work-life balance she needs to be stellar at both her home and the office. “My son’s first year at kindergarten was really rough. He was one year old when I started working, and he got sick often when I left him at daycare,” she remembers. “Thanks to the support and trust of my team’s leadership, I was able to keep a balance between taking care of my son and achieving my role’s responsibilities and objectives.”

Aiming for more

Despite the many steps that Katja has taken in her career path, she’s still aiming for more. “As a new beginner in the Consulting team, there are still loads of things to learn; there are no limits to what you can learn here,” she says. “I’m looking forward to learning the presales processes better and being part of Oracle’s great opportunities, which require you to be flexible and open-minded.”

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