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Growing upwards: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure takes a software engineer’s career to new heights

Since Oracle’s acquisition of startup Zenedge in 2018, Kipras’ potential for career growth has reached new heights. As a Principal Software Engineer at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in Lithuania, Kipras makes an impact across a wide range of customers, thanks to the tools and resources that the company puts at his disposal.

Join Kipras as he shares his journey from a startup to a worldwide operation. Learn about the career development he enjoys at Oracle, and see what you can take from his experience to join our team in Lithuania as a Software Engineer or Software Developer.

Raising the bar

Before joining our team in Lithuania as a Principal Software Engineer, all Kipras knew about the company was that Database and Java were Oracle properties. “I didn’t know much about OCI, or even that Oracle was running its own cloud service,” he admits. However, after six years of being with Oracle/Zenedge, he’s been able to discover one of the world’s leading technology companies from the inside, and compare the experience to that of his previous employer. “The transition from a startup to an international enterprise has been mostly positive for us,” Kipras says. “We get to work as a much bigger family on projects like the Web Application Firewall, one of the core services for the cloud, which is pretty cool. We implement new features, security improvements, optimizations, and other things for the service.”

Kipras believes this is “the strongest team” he’s had the pleasure to work with. With this group of “very smart people,” he’s been able to integrate Zenedge services into Oracle’s successfully without a drop in quality. “We’re now able to plan more efficiently and work on features that impact a wide range of customers, so the quality bar for our IaaS and PaaS services is significantly higher,” he explains. “We also have several internal processes that work on making sure the architecture and security of each OCI service meets the required standards.”

Why join OCI?

For fellow software engineers, Kipras believes Oracle offers “huge potential to grow.” He also mentions two reasons why they should join the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure hub in Lithuania:

  • The team: “I may be repeating myself, but I love our team. You can trust them with anything from fixing annoying bugs to discussing vacation destinations. Everyone is super helpful and respectful towards others. This is a place where you can be yourself and feel like you belong.
  • The work: “I think that working on the cloud is exciting; working on its core services, doubly so. OCI is a great organization with lots of internal tooling, which is cool, considering how young this cloud is. We innovate with the speed of a startup, and are committed to the greater good in our products and our actions.

An enormous impact

With Kipras’ transition from Zenedge to Oracle over, and even though he considers both companies to be “very strong organizations,” he recognizes a fundamental difference between the two. “It’s by far and away the largest organization that I’ve ever worked in,” he admits. “Some time ago, I may have thought of being just a small wheel that didn’t matter very much in the grand scheme of things. However, I’ve since realized that it’s the complete opposite: being part of such a large family means that the impact and reach of the job you do is enormous, and it is way larger than anything I’ve ever done previously.”

“We’re not only transforming the world of business—our cloud is advancing governments, powering nonprofits, and giving billions of people the tools they need to outpace change. Our mission is to deliver the world’s most advanced compute, storage, and networking. This is where you need to be if you want to make your mark on the cloud of tomorrow.”

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure hub in Lithuania is waiting for you. Visit our website and discover the opportunities we have for tech professionals like you. Create the future with us.

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