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Go where the action is: Your chance to join Oracle NetSuite in Manila

Oracle NetSuite - Rodney Phelps

Are you a talented engineer looking for your next big break in the Philippines? If so, you’re in luck: Oracle NetSuite is growing its Core Development team in Manila. Want to know more? We thought you might—so we sat down with Rodney, Senior Director of Software Development, to find out more about the brilliant opportunities on his team.

Why did you join the NetSuite team?

NetSuite acquired our SaaS company IQity Solutions in 2016, a few months before Oracle acquired NetSuite. I had been running the engineering department for IQity Solutions. In short, it’s been a great experience with NetSuite, with countless opportunities to contribute to NetSuite’s success and to grow my career.

What is it like to work in the Oracle NetSuite team? How is a day in the life of a Director of Software Development?

I am continually impressed that such a large company can operate like a lean, agile startup. Every day I get to work with passionate professionals who are leaders in their areas of expertise. NetSuite is an environment where new, innovative ideas come from all levels and all locations. It’s amazing how these ideas create an impact in such a short amount of time.  

We have a very strong focus on customers at NetSuite. Engineering leaders are empowered to work with product management, user experience, and other customer facing teams so that we can deliver the best possible product. Seeing your ideas quickly turn into product features with real customer value is incredibly satisfying. So is hearing great customer feedback. A strong engineering team is one of the top reasons for NetSuite’s continued success.

Why do you enjoy working in Oracle NetSuite? What inspires you in your role?

From the beginning, NetSuite has been at the forefront of designing, developing, and delivering software products in the cloud. In fact, NetSuite was doing this in 1998, long before “cloud computing” became the buzzword it is today.

NetSuite has a powerful development platform, SuiteCloud, that is designed to support an ecosystem of independent software vendors and customers that need to tailor NetSuite to their unique business needs. We also have powerful applications, called SuiteApps, which are developed and delivered independent of NetSuite’s underlying, core functionality. That means small, agile engineering teams like ours can make a big impact in a short amount of time.

Many of NetSuite’s leaders and visionaries have been with the company since the very beginning. As NetSuite employee, I have the opportunity to interact with these leaders on a daily basis. They never fail to inspire me.

Tell us more about the meaningful work that you do in Oracle NetSuite that is changing or impacting lives.

Every day, I work on products that our customers use to run and grow businesses around the world. These businesses positively impact local economies and help to provide a livelihood for many people. In fact, businesses that adopt NetSuite grow at a much faster rate on average than those that don’t.

On top of that, all NetSuite employees are encouraged to set aside time each quarter to work on projects that have a positive social impact. Some of the programs include Suite Pro Bono and Hackathons 4Good. My team finds it very rewarding to be able to make a difference through their work.

Tell us more about the culture and work environment in Oracle NetSuite.

NetSuite is warm, open, and inclusive. We value diversity and firmly believe that including people with different backgrounds and experiences strengthens our teams and helps foster new ideas.

People at NetSuite are passionate about their work and achieving their goals, but we also make time to have fun, spend time with our friends and family, and pursue personal interests. We believe time-off leads to happier and more productive time at work. Work-life balance is an important part of life at NetSuite.

Oracle NetSuite - Team Bowling

What are the career opportunities available in your team?

NetSuite’s ERP Engineering team is growing in Manila. We are hiring experienced product leaders who have several years of experience defining, designing, building, and delivering innovative new features and products in the cloud.

NetSuite leverages the latest web technologies, and most teams program in JavaScript, Java, and SQL. We have a lot of exciting new products being developed in the next one to two years, so it’s a really great time to join our team. NetSuite is growing fast and we are looking for talented engineers to help us achieve our goals.

We are hiring several roles in our team. Find out more below:

What career advice can you share with our readers?

Some of the best advice I’ve received in my career is “to go where the action is”.  In other words, track emerging technologies, set short- and long-term goals for your career, and keep your skill-set up to date so that you can benefit from the rapidly evolving technology landscape. Where there is change and growth there is opportunity, so keep an eye on new technologies.

I started my career as an ASIC design engineer, but with semiconductor growth fading in the late 90’s I decided to make the change to software engineering.  I transitioned first into software for ASIC design automation, but after seeing the growth in SaaS business models and companies in the 2000’s, I decided to join IQity Solutions, a startup in that space. Fast forward to the present day, and we’re growing rapidly with Oracle NetSuite—with no plans to slow down!

Why should people join Oracle NetSuite?

It’s simple, really. We’re a leader in defining, designing, building, and delivering cloud-based software products to a huge customer base—and we’re only getting bigger. There are endless opportunities for talented software professionals to make an impact. If you want to see what you can achieve as an engineering leader, I have no doubt that Oracle NetSuite will help you realize your potential.


Does working for Oracle NetSuite sound like the kind of opportunity you’re looking for? If so, click here to send your resume to our dedicated Oracle Talent Advisor, Angelo Irvin Francisco to be considered for one of our open positions—or connect with Rodney Phelps on LinkedIn for a friendly chat.

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