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Futuristic financials: innovating with FLEXCUBE

Sheema Karchery, Principal Applications Engineer, joined the FSGBU – FLEXCUBE Development team to be at the forefront of innovation in the financial domain. Are you curious to know what this means for banks, financial institutions, and customers worldwide—and for growing professionals like you? Find out what Sheema has to say about this exciting opportunity in our Q&A session below.

Why did you join the FSGBU – FLEXCUBE Development team?

Oracle comprises the world’s most comprehensive and contemporary banking applications using the latest technologies. I joined the FSGBU – FLEXCUBE Development group to be part of a team that builds innovative solutions that cater to complex financial business requirements. It’s a great experience being part of such an efficient, agile organization.

How’s the culture and work environment in your team?

We foster a work environment where individuals get the opportunity to put out, and implement, their best ideas. Each day is a new learning experience, and the challenges that come along make it worthwhile. We emphasize learning about the latest technologies, which gives a sense of fulfillment. We entrust each individual with the work they’re good at, and experts in specific areas comprise the team. Oracle has great leaders who’ve helped to achieve success with their vision and positivity, which inspires us to do better. We also enjoy a flexible work culture that allows us to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Tell us more about the meaningful work that you do.

The responsibilities of a Principal Applications Engineer involve providing solutions to improve product efficiency and performance. This can be at the design, development, or delivery stage, helping the customer have a better user experience and ease of use of the product. Oracle Financials provide solutions to various banks and financial institutions to become truly digital. This helps them improve their customer service and reduce costs to invest in better business opportunities. In turn, customers using banking services have a quicker and easier way of transacting their financial needs.

Why should people join your team?

We’re looking for talented engineers to work on technologies like Java, Python, and DevOps to help Oracle Financials grow in terms of existing and new offerings. There are immense opportunities here to learn new technologies like blockchain, cloud services, and machine learning, as we’re always providing solutions for new and emerging business requirements in the financial domain.

Are you ready to join our FSGBU – FLEXCUBE Development team? If so, click here to email your CV to our dedicated Talent Advisor, for us to consider you—or connect with Sheema Karchery on LinkedIn for a friendly chat about life at Oracle. You can also explore our complete list of open positions on our dedicated careers page. Create the future with us.

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