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Future Proof Your Career with Oracle Cloud Insight

"I joined Oracle to be at the heart of the digital revolution." Bijeta Joshi - Director, Cloud Insight

The Oracle Cloud Insight team is growing! We caught up with Bijeta Joshi, Cloud Insight Director, to discover why this exciting role is an ideal career move for consulting professionals who want to have it all.

Why did you join Oracle?

In today’s digital economy, organizations of every size and industry must harness the power of data and extract valuable insights if they are going to successfully compete. These insights are empowering businesses to design new business models, improve customer experience, enhance efficiency and generate value.

But the sheer volume, velocity and variety of data that is being generated can inject a lot of complexity and cost for organizations. As a tech enthusiast, I’ve always been fascinated by the power of data. So, when it came time to take the next step in my career, Oracle was a no-brainer. I wanted to be at the heart of the digital revolution.

What is it like to work in the Oracle Cloud Insight team?

I joined Oracle less than a year ago, and what I’ve come to understand is that we all bring complimentary skill sets that contribute to our team. We understand key industry trends and apply our expertise to the pressing issues our customers are facing. I love that I get to learn about the latest business challenges. It’s exciting to guide businesses as they transform before your eyes with the help of Oracle’s cloud based technologies.

I get constant exposure to top priority projects in Tokyo; at any given time, I’m engaged in four to five. I collaborate with different stakeholders in our sales organization, from pre sales experts to architects and consulting teams. We all bring another layer of expertise to our work. It’s riveting to be a part of such a finely tuned process.

Why do you enjoy working in the Oracle Cloud Insight team? What inspires you in your role?

I’ve loved my experience working on the Cloud Insight team so far. The culture in our team is a huge part of that. We’re a team that expands across EMEA and JAPAC and we’re very open, so there’s a lot of knowledge sharing. It’s great to be able to learn from other experts and have your questions answered by someone who’s really in the know. It helps us to be always be one step ahead of the game.

As for what inspires me, I’ve got to say it’s the technology side of things. We’re so close to the future, we’re watching it unfold. AI, machine learning, IoT—we’re applying it all right now and the business value we are achieving is staggering. I find it inspiring to think that we are empowering organizations with technology. Whatever direction they want to go in, our technology can help them get there faster.

What does Oracle have to offer to professionals in your field?

The opportunities for growth and professional development here are endless. If tech is truly your passion, Oracle will be your haven. There is always some new and exciting tech trend to learn about, from blockchain to analytics—you name it, we’ve got it.

What I will say to other consulting professionals, is that it makes such a difference getting to be on the frontline and actually seeing the action. That’s what so different about working at Oracle. In top consulting firms, you’re helping customers to strategize. On the Cloud Insight team, you’re in the thick of the action, close to execution—it’s eye-opening. It brings life to our work.

When you’re working in a consulting firm you’re a generalist. That means you often find yourself working on projects that are non-tech related. For me, I wanted to take the next step in a career centred on tech.

Tell us more about the meaningful work that you do in Oracle Cloud Insight that is changing or impacting lives.

By helping organizations to transform with data management platforms, we are constantly helping new information come to light and connecting the dots where real insight can be found— and we are making these insights readily available at the touch of a finger.

There are so many different industries right now where Oracle technology is collecting data that will ultimately help mankind. In the healthcare industry for example, we’re helping hospitals to collect all kinds of human vitality data so that time poor doctors can have an immediate understanding of a person’s history, treatment and medical risks. Data is helping people to live longer. It’s helping doctors to see the lessons learned from millions of patients.

In other industries, like the manufacturing industry for example, factories are collecting data that can allow for a huge amount of automation. New technologies like IoT sensors are enabling a level of efficiency never before dreamed of. There’s no doubt in mind that the work I do is changing lives. That is the essence of data and insight. The more we know, the more we can do.

Tell us more about the culture and work environment on the Oracle Cloud Insight team.

I have an amazing team of global experts around me. We have more than 50 highly capable team members across EMEA and JAPAC. Their combined knowledge and experience is astounding. I feel very lucky to be part of such a vibrant team of kind and interesting people.

The culture here is warm and friendly and everyone is really understanding of our lives outside of work. The flexible working hours have made a huge difference to my personal life. My husband and I both work and have a little one, so having the freedom to work from home really helps us to manage our schedules. Although my child is very small, I like to teach him a lot myself. I’m a very hands-on parent, so it’s great that my hours allow me to spend so much time with him. The flexibility and the freedom at Oracle are a godsend. It’s very different to what I’m used to!

What advice can you give to readers who are considering this role?

If you’re highly analytical and able to see the big picture, you will enjoy in the Oracle Cloud Insight team. We’re looking for people who are interested in the industry landscape and who care about understanding our customers’ challenges. If this is you, I’m confident that you’ll be an excellent addition to our team. A management consulting background is a big bonus!


Does working for the Oracle Cloud Insight team sound like the kind of opportunity you’re looking for? If so, send your resume to our dedicated Oracle Talent Advisor, John Sands (John.w.sands@oracle.com) today to be considered for one of our open positions. Or connect with Bijeta Joshi on LinkedIn for a friendly chat.

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