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Full steam ahead to successful cloud journeys

"All of our employees can bring forth new ideas that are actually appreciated by the business." -Ali F., Change Navigation Manager, North America Applications Consulting

Every Labor Day weekend, Ali F. takes out her Steam Tractor Engineer license and shows what life in the 1800s used to look like. “My family goes back to a small town in Minnesota; we keep history alive every single year, showing how agricultural work has changed,” she explains. “The teamwork required to operate a steam engine is imperative: one of us adds water to the boiler, while someone else fires the engine—if there’s any lack of communication or alignment between us, there could be significant consequences.”

Communicate to operate

As a Change Navigation Manager at Oracle, Ali finds that teamwork and communication are essential to both operating a steam tractor and helping clients make a successful journey to the cloud. “Any time clients purchase HCM or ERP modules, I go in and gain stakeholder alignment as to why we’re moving to the cloud, and how it’s going to impact their end users’ day-to-day operations,” she says. “With that information, I produce communications to make sure all end users have the resources and tools they need to be successful operating in the cloud.”

Building for the future

The prospect of growing something from the ground up was what brought Ali to Oracle in June of this year. “Greg Kent, Senior Practice Instructor, approached me with an opportunity to help grow this practice; it was our chance to put together a team that had change management capabilities, in order to support clients in their journey,” she remembers. “What better way to use the lessons I’d learned from my former career path to create an exciting change practice management for the future,” Ali adds.

Hungry for innovation

Ali confirmed her preconceived notions of working in an environment that welcomed new and creative ideas, surrounded by an employee base that was positive and encouraging about the work they were doing, as soon as she joined Oracle. “Since I’ve been here the last several months, I’ve been reminded every single day that people here are hungry; they’re ready to work and serve our clients,” she affirms. “Because we’ve yet to define so much of our methodology, all of our employees can bring forth new ideas that are actually appreciated by the business.”

Always something new

Besides being part of a reliable team, Ali loves that her job is never the same. “Whether I’m delivering upon client contracts, working internally on a new initiative, growing our talent pool with change navigation, or mentoring our existent talent pool, my job is different every single day; it allows me to be cross-functional, to jump across different types of work. I truly love that,” she shares. “I come from a background where methodology was set, so there was no reason to question or add new ideas. Here at Oracle, it’s almost a necessity.”

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