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From service to business: Navy veteran’s career takes off with Oracle NetSuite’s Solution Consulting Academy

“As a transitioning military member, I couldn’t have asked for a better place to start.” -Justin A., Staff Sales Consultant, Oracle NetSuite Solution Consulting Academy

When Navy veteran Justin A. wanted to transition from the military, Oracle NetSuite’s Solution Consultant Academy (SCA) program offered a solution. He was able to combine the hard-earned experience and skills he acquired during service with intense, in-depth training in business intelligence and technology to ease into an exciting, challenging job. What can other veterans looking to transition into civilian life learn from Justin’s experience? What can candidates expect to learn during the SCA program’s 7-month duration?

A welcome member

It came as an unexpected surprise to Justin when he got into the SCA program: “When I got the job, three different people from the company called me to congratulate me, talk to me, and tell me that they were excited for me to join the team. They showed me that they wanted me to be a member of a community, and not just another cog. That really threw me over the edge for Oracle NetSuite.” As a welcome member of the team, Justin works closely with small to medium-sized organizations. “Being a Solutions Consultant, I talk with clients to identify their key business needs and figure out how we can implement NetSuite to help their business grow and develop,” he explains.

“As a transitioning military member, I couldn’t have asked for a better place to start,” Justin adds. “You jump out of the military and you go into an intense, 7-month training program that’s incredibly in-depth in giving you knowledge and skills just to build your career within the solutions consulting and technology environments. It’s great; I couldn’t be happier.”

The skills to win

Veterans like Justin are a great fit for succeeding in the corporate world. You’d be surprised at how relevant military experience is in this realm. “When I was in the Navy, I did a lot of advising for foreign Special Operations groups,” Justin remembers. “When you think about it, all of these groups are small to medium-sized organizations that needed help in different aspects. That experience translates well to solutions consulting, because the primary goal is to identify problems and implement solutions to help the organization grow and develop. A large part of that process was presenting to key stakeholders which is also an essential part of being a solutions consultant. I think those soft skills acquired in the military are crucial to success in this role.”

As for the skills that the SCA program focuses on delivering, Justin mentions three standouts:

  • Sales acumen: “You learn how to drive conversations with customer leadership and individual contributors to understand their business goals and strategies.”
  • Solution consulting: “We help customers understand how NetSuite can help them solve their business challenges and needs.”
  • Problem solving: “They teach you how you can configure the NetSuite cloud platform to address unique customer requirements.”

Discovering NetSuite “teamability”

Adapting to a new line of business means asking many questions and learning as you go. A supportive environment is paramount for staying in the game and achieving success. Luckily, for Justin, he arrived at a place where he finds support in spades. “Ever since I’ve been here, everybody, from other members of the class to every level of management I’ve met, have been amazing, open, and ready to help in any situation,” he says. “Especially with our class, we’re all new; we’re all learning new things. How available everybody is to us for anything is great. No question is a bad question, and everybody’s always willing to help, no matter what it is. It’s an amazing place to walk into, because everybody has the common goal of helping the customer. It’s cool to be a part of NetSuite’s ‘teamability.’”

“This program is unique—Oracle invests in its future talent,” Justin continues. “We have strong leadership that genuinely cares about our success—you can trust them to guide you through your career. You get hands-on training to acquire a competitive edge to grow your career.”

Tips for veterans

From his experience, Justin has gathered the following tips for fellow veterans to join the SCA program:

  1. Identify and reach out to veteran liaisons within Oracle.
  2. Talk to them about your interest in the program.
  3. List the things you did in the military that would translate well into the program.
  4. Use that information to formulate a résumé that fits the program best.

“This is an amazing opportunity for anybody that’s coming out of the military. You just have to understand what the program’s about and speak to why you think you should be here.”

We’re looking for intelligent, passionate, and driven individuals to join Oracle NetSuite’s SCA program. If you wake up every morning looking for challenging and creative ways to grow and develop your career, you’ll want to explore this opportunity. Click here to apply. Create the future with us.

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