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Experience Customer Joy with Oracle SaaS Sales

Oracle Women - Claire Marquez

For Claire Marquez, HCM Cloud Sales Manager, working in the Oracle SaaS Applications team is an opportunity to get closer to customers and understand their challenges better, all to drive them towards success. Read our interview with Claire and discover what a sales career at Oracle can do for you.

Why did you join the Oracle SaaS Applications team?

At the time, there was so much buzz around Oracle’s Applications cloud. I knew it would be an exciting time to be part of the first Oracle Cloud Applications team.

How is it like to work in your team?

Being in an environment where you’re free to strategize and work with a supportive team makes your job easier. Oracle, as a whole, supports work-life balance and empowers women at work. This empowers you as an individual to be more effective in your role, while continuing your other passions in life.

On a daily basis, it’s not about the product you carry. Neither about you as an Account Manager. It’s about losing yourself and becoming your customer, denying yourself of the shortcuts and tech talk that makes no sense to them. It’s about your creativity at work, your patience, your empathy, your genuine desire to help improve your customer’s current processes, and their challenges. It’s about you as a person learning from your customers and understanding them more over trekking heights, biking on long rugged paths, or simply exchanging stories about travel or pets.

Claire Marquez Trekking Heights

Why do you enjoy working in the Oracle SaaS Applications team?

The team works and supports each other thoroughly. What inspires me is the exemplary commitment, patience, and dedication the team puts in every single deal on which they work. The professionalism and team spirit is apparent in how they collaborate to ensure everyone is successful.

Tell us more about the meaningful work that you do in your team.

To be part of a milestone in the transformation journey of your customer is a very rewarding experience. After all the challenges and the hard work that you go through together, there is inexplicable joy in playing a small part in taking one step forward in improving employee experience and business processes.

What can you tell us about the Oracle SaaS Application team’s culture and work environment?

You will definitely not feel alone. The team is fun to work with; someone is always willing to offer guidance and help, especially for newbies.

Oracle SaaS Application team culture

Tell us more about the career opportunities available in your team.

There are many diverse career opportunities available with the Oracle SaaS Applications team. We’re currently hiring Sales Representatives for CX, ERP, and HCM across a variety of roles and levels.

What career advice can you share with our readers?

Keep your focus and enjoy the ride. It is fulfilling to be part of achieving a milestone for your team and customers; it makes all the hard work pay off.

Why should people join the Oracle SaaS Applications team?

If you are up for a fulfilling, adventurous, challenging, and fun career, don’t hesitate to choose the Oracle SaaS Applications team. As they say, “once an Apps, always an Apps.”

Do you want to join the Oracle SaaS Applications team? Explore Oracle’s SaaS sales opportunities, or connect with Claire Marquez on LinkedIn for a friendly chat to learn more about a career at Oracle.

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