Working @Oracle: What Our New Campus Hires Have to Say

This blog post comes from a group of Graduates who recently joined Oracle in our Applications Development Team:

To start off our career in a product based company like Oracle, is definitely a dream come true. As engineering grads fresh out of college, Oracle seems the best thing that could have happened.

As Vineeta who is one of our Graduates puts it, "I was very excited on getting a job offer from Oracle - the industry's leading enterprise software and database provider Company! Having heard about Oracle's excellent work culture and dynamic work environment, I was looking forward to represent a global brand and build my future here with a progressive career path."

What we all got in return is a whole package of talented and hardworking people combined with a progressive work atmosphere, where we all are propelled to learn each and every moment that we spend in the office.

Learning from the experience that we get here are one of the major attractions for working at Oracle.


Fresh out of college, we had doubts on how easy would it be for us to enter the professional world. Srinivas one of our Graduates says "It is very easy for anyone to get adjusted to working life at Oracle because the rule book is very thin, but rigid. But more than the rules, it is the people I met here who helped me adapt to this place."  There is no special thing you have to do to adjust in Oracle. The transition is smooth and you will never realize how easily you blend into the work environment.

We started our journey with extensive training sessions. Another Graduate, Abhilasha says, " the training was extensive and very intricately designed. This definitely proved to be a good start. The technical and in house training on Oracle Products helped us understand the line of business and importance of different modules of Oracle Enterprise Solution." And as all of us agree, it's a great experience going through the entire training period and then slowly getting pulled in to the main work flow.

The training prepared us for tasks that have not an ounce in common. We all were put in different modules under the big banner of Development and have found out that the training we had was just the tip of the iceberg. The real challenge is to understand what our team does, what our role in it is and how to perform the required tasks. The training and continuous interaction with colleagues does help a lot to make it a smooth ride.

Talking about the work environment, its surely a pleasure to work here at Oracle. All colleagues are very approachable and supportive. Who else could have experienced better than Sujit another one of our Graduates, who says, "They help us at each point wherever we get stuck. I work alone from here, and I need to work remotely with my team, I never faced much difficulty. Even local colleagues, who do not belong to my team, were ready to help. That was really nice." On the same line, Pragya another Graduate feels "The best thing of all was that even after being a fresher I was not considered to be a 'no good' employee. Though I took longer to understand simple things, my colleagues always found time to explain things to me. One of the best experiences for me was my interaction with the Vice President of my team and to my surprise I could talk to her just like any other of my colleagues. She completely understood the fact that I was a fresher and explained the things accordingly to me."

The work culture at Oracle is designed to make one feel comfortable with whatever is going on and respond in the best way to any quick requirement that may crop up.  At Oracle, It is an important thing that our work is our passion as the people here believe that you cannot achieve success unless you are truly involved with your work.

Other than working as a team and maintaining healthy relations, Oracle employees take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and contribute much to the society.

Less than 3 months into Oracle and more than half of us are involved in the Oracle GVD - Oracle Global Volunteers, arranging a visit to the amusement park for Orphanages, Conducting Annual Sports day for a school that lacked a playground and many more events as such.

One can absolutely put to rest the thought "Will I be having fun at Oracle?"  Because, as we experienced, ranging from the annual OraOvations to team lunches to timely meetings, we never knew how quickly time flew and we became full fledged corporate citizens in less than 6 months. Overall it has been a great Oracle journey and we are enjoying every moment of it.


thanks David for sharing such amazing insights into what its like to work with Oracle, super excited to be joining the company soon.. just waiting for the approvals for the offer letter !!! hopefully i too would have some really good experiences working with the Oracle India. :-)

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