What Next: Web 3.0 ??? By Prashant Singh

Today I had a discussion with David about what lies ahead in the Web 2.0 space is it going to be Web 3.0?

Every day we hear about the new era of recruitment and what will be the future of recruitment. I feel that Web 3.0 will be characterized and fueled by the successful fusion of artificial intelligence and the web. Artificial Intelligence (AI) The technologies considered pivotal in the Semantic Web are indeed considered by many to have their underpinnings in artificial intelligence. But, most of the Semantic Web projects I've seen are focused squarely on the creation of, and communication between, intelligent agents that do the natural language and topical matching work in a transparent manner, behind the scenes, without requiring human intervention.

As sure as change is change, the latest creation, I truly believe that Web 3.0, is just around the corner, and galloping your way fast. The opportunity has never been better to influence it now before it influences you.

I was reading a very interesting article by Mark Hoderson speaking about the future of recruitment. Here is something for you to really think about.

In geek-speak, Web 2.0 was actually defined as a 'Software as a Service' phase (SaaS) of the internet, where applications (such as Facebook and social networking sites) hosted by other parties were provided to customers via their web browser.

Web 3.0 is the next stage on from this or Platform as a Service (PaaS) - where organisations have greater scope to develop entire applications tailor-made to meet their needs - again accessing via the cloud without the need to install and manage software themselves.

It is Natural that not all organisations will be comfortable with this, but just as Web 2.0 was driven by the public pull of social networking sites, perhaps Web 3.0 will be pulled along by organisations looking to deliver a greater flexibility in the provision of departmental, especially in the field of Recruitment.

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Hold back Web3.0! I certainly hope Web2.0 doesn't go too quickly :P The semantic and intelligent web are certainly much awaited but IMHO there is still much room left to grow in the Web2.0 environment. Current developments in areas such as geolocation (Google mostly, http://bit.ly/UKm8a) and augmented reality (http://bit.ly/2jL0D0 and http://bit.ly/15xTLX) are very powerful use of Web2.0 technology that have yet to be fully realised. I can certainly imagine uses of these technologies for recruitment, the possibilities are endless!

Posted by Isman Tanuri on August 05, 2009 at 07:16 AM CST #

Hi Isman, Thanks for the comment, Augmented Reality is certainly new in the Twitterverse, from my understanding it is essentially a GPS to track where Twitter messages (and the writer) has come from. I am not sure this will be new information from a recruitment perspective, but one thing that is for sure is the technology is changing rapidly - we certainly need to embrace the change to remain successful.

Posted by David Talamelli on August 05, 2009 at 07:31 AM CST #

Hi David, What interest me is Augmented Reality beyond Twitter, specifically Geolocation or RFID (easily-mobiled if you have a smartphone). Imagine you're in a networking session or a recruitment event, you can scan the room with your own mobile and see who's who, their bio, background, expertise, experience, etc. Then you are able to quickly pinpoint and zoom in on the candidate that interest you. Sweet technology :) Much like this cool Layar presentation: http://bit.ly/Ksphe

Posted by Isman Tanuri on August 06, 2009 at 05:29 AM CST #

Hi Isman, The YouTube link to the Layar presentation is great. What a fantastic demonstration of what can be done using the technology. The world is certainly becoming more interconnected than ever before, it will be a fun journey that is for sure.

Posted by David Talamelli on August 06, 2009 at 05:39 AM CST #

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