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Technology innovations surround us. On a daily basis, I am bombarded with emails touting the best new way of identifying and hiring top candidates-all taking no time and effort at all. It must be magic! The old-fashioned recruiter in me is curious to know what I am missing, so I explore each option eagerly. Sometimes I find a golden nugget, but more often I find more of the same, dressed up slightly different, but never the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that has been marketed.

In a world of increasingly impersonal emails, on-line marketing campaigns, and technology innovations we tend to forgot one of the key golden rules of recruiting - This is a people business.

People like to be touched, talked to personally, courted, and wooed. Do not make the mistake of not giving this fact your full appreciation. This is why candidates drop from our process when a hiring manager doesn’t show up for an interview or three weeks pass by with no call from anyone when a candidate is expecting an offer.

Another golden rule of recruiting deserves some recognition here. The top 10% of talent is always hard to get, especially in this economy. These people have always required a long courtship, and then the moon, sun and stars all need to line up at the right time in order for you to have success with them. These candidates will never respond to an on-line advertisement or an impersonal blanket solicitation email. They delete these without even thinking about them. A good recruiter will always incorporate these top echelon candidates into their recruiting strategy.

Focus is really required to develop a successful strategy. Time management will also help tremendously. The millions of tools available to you as recruiters can cloud your strategy. Pick your tools for success wisely and utilize them to their fullest potential. Do not buy into the false belief that if you aren’t using every tool out there, you are missing out. There are many ways to skin the proverbial cat. Nothing will ever replace picking up the phone and talking to people (thankfully, or we wouldn’t really be needed). Some people will require multiple “touches” to develop a relationship, but it all starts with a call.

When I find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I’ll be the first to let you know, but I may win the lottery sooner! Either way, you can expect a call from me.

Amanda Gill is a Senior Director for Oracle Recruitment in North America and has been with Oracle for four years.


Hi Amanda, This is a great post and oh so true. We sometimes get carried away with the latest and greatest recruitment technology, streamlining process and cutting costs at the expense of the people. I am sure we are all guilty at some stage of forgetting that we are in the people business. A good reminder to keep things in perspective. Regards, Kelly

Posted by Kelly Magowan on July 17, 2009 at 08:34 AM CST #

Amanda, while researching job opportunities, I came across this blog that you have posted, obviously, from the reply comment, a good while ago. Your points about "this is a people business" could not be more true. I hope that given your blog was done in 2009, this response is seen by someone.

If you will allow me, let me give a prospective from a job candidate's point of view. First, I need to insert just a bit of background about myself.

Due to a major reorganization at a large Fortune 500 corporation, I was laid off and now find myself searching for my next challenge, even though my "career" could possibly be deemed "over", because of the number of years that I was there. It appears that longevity is now a liability and experience is not an asset. My skills accumulated over a more than 25 year period cannot be duplicated, but that did not factor into my being let go. Ironically, my old team is now trying to get me to come back.....

So, here is what I have concluded from over six months of job searching:

o Today's hiring process is totally and utterly broken. The practice of a corporate recruiter "screening" a candidate has no value. The recruiter often has no idea of the specifics of what the company needs and is looking for. When I am told that the answers to the screening questions are a simple "yes or no", I am disappointed. Many times, the screening recruiter is outsourced.

o Yes, since we are all human, people appreciate interacting with a person rather than an ATS like Taleo.

o I would welcome being able to decide to "drop from the process", but most of the time, I never get in. Unless a resume has some specific wording, it will never see the light of day, much less make it to a hiring manager.

o I question, given today's hiring process, how the "top 10% of talent" can even be identified, much less recruited.

o No matter what new technology exists or emerges to facilitate the hiring process, nothing will ever replace old fashioned networking....which comes back to your point of "this is a people business".

o Most worrisome of all is that the flawed process that results in a "shotgun" approach to finding qualified people, never uncovers anyone like myself. Skills therefore disappear and the success of the enterprise is jeopardized.

o I'll leave any comments that I have about recruiting agencies (vs internal recruiters), for another time, since I don't have one good thing to say about any of them.

So, here I sit with a background in Pricing, FP&A and Accounting, with experience in every geographic corner of the globe, with the ability to speak Spanish and German (my native language) and communication and teaming skills that can only be obtained through years of working with C suite execs and remain unemployed.

Any input from anyone reading would be greatly appreciated. Best of luck to all job seekers out there!

Posted by guest on January 23, 2015 at 05:43 AM CST #

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