The Oracle Australia Teams Grows: Introducing Prinz Mandap

We are quickly approaching the  end of our Financial Year and what a year it has been. On top of numerous new initiatives we have run it has been one of the busiest years for me personally (by a large margin) since joining Oracle. With all the work we have had, we are pleased to introduce a new Recruiter to our Australian Team – Prinz Mandap.

I took the chance to talk to Prinz this week to get his first impressions of joining Oracle and find out a little bit more about him. We are excited to have him on board and are looking forward to seeing him becoming an integral member of our larger Recruitment Team. If you know Prinz and want to pass on your best regards or would like to find our more about his Prinz his LinkedIn profile can be found at:

1) Welcome to Oracle, we are excited to have you as part of the team. Can you give us a quick snapshot of who you are and a little bit about you (not just the boring work stuff).

Well, after Uni (I did a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at UNSW) I wanted to get straight into the world of IT and eventually moved into a Sun Solaris UNIX sys admin role. At the time I was also getting involved in client business development and recruitment work and after travelling with the Mrs. for a few months, I caught up with a good mate of mine who encouraged me to go work with him at his recruitment firm as he felt I'd do really well utilising my technical background. After a few sleepless nights I took the plunge, switched industries completely and haven't looked back since. It was a big gamble but it's definitely paid off!

Aside from work I'm definitely into my sports. If I'm not playing it I'm either watching or reading about it. I guess it'sDSC01878_2 (2) my competitive nature. My faves are definitely basketball and football (soccer) with a side order of rugby (union), tennis and cricket. I'm hoping my little boy, Christian, will be a little more coordinated than his old man and who knows, maybe one day even get the chance to don the blaugrana kit of Barcelona?

Technology's a big passion of mine too. My friends call me a geek but it's definitely helped at work because it allows me to not only keep abreast of what's currently going on in the market, but it allows me to envisage trends about technology and its future effects on developing industries, whether it be the influence on social media, cool new gadgets or even what company Oracle decides to acquire next!

2) What attracted you to Oracle and our Recruitment Team? Was there anything that made us stand out?

How could you not be attracted to Oracle?? People who know me know how much I go on and on about the company. I've specialised in Oracle apps, fusion middleware and databases for a few years so it feels natural being part of the family. Friends and colleagues of mine have also either previously worked or are still with the company now and I've seen firsthand their success. To have longevity with one organisation in this day and age is a testament to Oracle's ability to inspire, promote and encourage career progression.

The Recruitment team have really impressed me, particularly learning about everyone's backgrounds, accomplishments and success stories. It really is more than just a day to day recruitment role and to see what goes on and what projects everyone's working on is exciting and makes me realise how vital our role is to the bigger picture of the Oracle brand. I was also impressed hearing about the history of Oracle's recruitment model and the successes of its implementation and I can't wait to contribute to continued roll outs of what is now a global initiative.

3) This is your first week here at Oracle? What are your initial thoughts so far?

In a word, brilliant. As with every new job I was a little nervous being the new kid in school. But everyone's been great, very friendly and helpful. It's definitely made for an easy transition. I've also been very impressed with the people I've met thus far. It's certainly struck me as an environment built on hard work, success and achievement. However as with all high performing cultures, the onus is on you to be proactive and make things happen. Nothing is spoon fed here so if you want to something, don't sit around and wait. You need to go out, grab it and get it done yourself!

4) From what you have seen so far of Oracle, if you had to pick a song that suits your introduction to Oracle what would it be and why?

Great question! Music's another passion of mine and I listen to all sorts of weird and wonderful genres from classical to indie to electronica to folk to hip hop! But choosing just one song would be virtually impossible so I'll have to cop out and say my introduction to the world of Oracle reminds me more of the continuing evolution of the band, Radiohead and their musical style, which still today continues to push new ground. Does that count as an answer??

5) Recruitment as a function is always evolving and changing – do you have any predictions of how companies will recruit in the future?

This is such a loaded question and I could probably go on for hours with this, so let me be cautious and keep it short. I honestly think the way social media is still a novelty in business utilisation will increasingly become integrated into the day to day function of the recruitment process, not in the long run, but in just a few short years.

It's evident we've moved away from the traditional recruitment process due to the complexities faced in sourcing quality talent today. Professional networks and communities are recognising this as they slowly embrace the social networking mix and this will only continue to gain momentum as corporations accept and become increasingly convinced of the power of social media as a business tool and its value in terms of pre-engagement, talent management and the building of engaged communities.


I dont think Oracle could possibly of known how much of a perfect match and awsome catch they have got with you. Go Prinz, good luck you secret Jorts lover.

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