The Most Inspirational person in Oracle Direct EMEA FY14Q2

Congratulations to Marc, Business Development Manager - DECH Region for having been awarded "the Most Inspirational person in the Oracle Direct EMEA Group FY14Q2"! This prize is part of a peer nominated recognition programme within Oracle Direct. Marc's efforts and personal drive have inspired his peers from the Inside Sales Organisation and thus he got the award! 

What makes Marc the Most Inspirational?

Marc has managed to inspire each member of his team to take on more responsibility, to work on their own initiative, to go the extra mile and to think outside the box. With his drive and his motivational and enthusiastic personality he has already earned the respect and appreciation from every member of his team! He is never afraid to take a creative path, to initiate new visions and empower persons to make them grow. Furthermore, his incredible communications skills make him not only a good sales person or sales manager, but a great person at all. Most of all, Marc helps getting the best of all people around him by being extremely supportive while this sharing responsibility.

Here are some thoughts about Marc from the Oracle Direct employees who voted for him!

Every morning, Marc comes to work and spreads his engagement, dedication and good to his team and his colleagues.”

Marc is always very friendly and optimistic. It is always a pleasure to work with him on new processes and he is a great evangelist for Sales programs activities to the BDG.”

Inspires his teams and colleagues to take on responsibility, work efficient every day and take initiatives. He also boost us to get in the next role. This is sometimes very helpful to get motivated.”

I am amazed by the way Marc is influencing people around him with his positive attitude. His behavior was always really motivating for others!”

Best manager material ever: responsible and delegates the same, inspires to work hard and to take initiatives.”

He walks his talk, and leads by example with honesty and rigorous actions. He is not afraid to take a creative path, to initiate new visions and empower persons to make them grow.”

We are delighted to have such amazing people on board! If you want to get the chance to work with people like Marc and his colleagues visit We are looking for top Sales performers and inspiring managers. Join Oracle Direct! There’s #NoStoppingYou here!


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