The Hidden Job Market.....How do I Find It??

If you are reading this blog entry you are on the right path.

I read an article today about how a local Australian Job Board - has expanded in Asia by buying 10% of a Malaysian Job Board - Jobstreet.

Seek buys 10% of Malaysian Job Board Jobstreet

This got me thinking - Open roles posted on Job Boards only make up a small percentage of all the roles that are actually available. I know that I advertise positions on Seek and Jobstreet but the number of people that join Oracle as a result of seeing a job posted on is relatively small.

So how do people end up getting jobs at Oracle???

1) Call/email us, ask our Recruitment Team if we have any suitable roles, if we don't it doesn't mean that a position like the one you are after will not come up in the future.

2) Have an online presence - are you on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc... with all the social networking tools out there it makes it much easier for us to find you. You would have seen from previous posts my thoughts on Social Networking, if you do not have an online presence - begin today.

3) Keep an open mind - you may not 'actively' be looking for a role, but if we have a role that fits your career plan let's talk about it - sometimes opportunity does knock at your door.

4) Referrals - are you telling people you are looking for work?? We are always asking our 80000+ employees at Oracle who they know who may be interested in work with us - one of those people you tell that you are looking for work may be able to refer your details to our Recruitment Team.

5) Are you part of any organisations, communities, associations, etc... Have you written any articles or blogs. The more visible you are in the IT Industry the more opportunities that will present themselves to you.

This is just a quick snapshot of some things you can do, I may edit this blog entry and create a Top 10 List. We do hire people from Job Boards, but we think outside the square as well.

If you do not see a role posted on by Oracle does that mean the role does not exist or that we are not hiring??? Opportunities you may want to know about could be passing you by. Contact us and find out what roles we have, your next career step could be with us!!


another one is

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really very helpful information.


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It is quite supportive and informative.

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