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Yesterday Bill Boorman organised and ran the first Australian Edition of his hugely successful talk back radio show "Ready for Lift Off". It was a great opportunity to talk to Bill and I enjoyed the chance to hear some of his insights into the Recruitment World and hear his thoughts on various recruitment topics. The Recruiter Show brings news and views from around the globe with a special focus on what it means for this region. Expect debate, controversy and enjoyment. Lots of views shared on all things recruiting. The Podcast can be heard either here on this link or below.

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The show was titled "The Road to Recovery" the first edition of the new Australasian show, looked at what is happening to the recruitment markets in the region as well as worldwide, the noises that are coming out of the market and looked in to the future to predict what the next 18 months will be like. What's changed with client perception? whats changed with candidate perception? What impact social media? What can you do as a recruiter (corporate or agency) to make the most of it.

One of the things that Bill and I discussed was whether candidates and hiring managers are behaving differently in this downturn market as opposed to the busy markets we have experienced in the past. Besides the fact that some candidates are looking for more security than they may have in the past - for the most part things still seem the same. I don't think it matters necessarily what "the market" is doing, if you are looking for a job make sure sure you are looking for roles that are the ideal next role for you to go into - what are you looking for in your next job: location, money, challenge, etc... your job search should be individual to yourself and reflect what you are looking for - do not get too caught up in the hype of an intangible market that you can not see or touch or feel.

There are always booms and busts in business - recruitment activity will become busy again in the IT world. I know Bill is tipping recruitment activity in general to slowly get busier until early 2010 when things may really take off.

The DownUnder Recruiting Talk Back Radio Show will be held every Monday at 5:00 pm Melbourne Time. I would recommend to any Recruiters that this would certainly be something worth plugging into if you have the opportunity. It is a very interactive way to discuss all things recruitment with your colleagues and peers in the local ANZ region.


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