The biggest deal in my life

We’ve interviewed one of our Inside Sales Reps who have recently closed a big deal for his life.

We have asked Alexandre to share with us his fabulous story and also how it feels to close “the biggest deal in my life”.

1. Hi Alexandre! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview for our blog! Let’s start with telling a few things about yourself.

Hi everybody! My name is Alexandre, I am a Belgian Sales Representative, living in Malaga and selling HCM in SaaS on the French market. My background is made of a lot of various experiences.

I have been officer in the army (serving in Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia etc), Inside Sales for Business Objects and EMC, Field Sales for SAP and SuccessFactors. I decided to leave Paris to become back an Inside Sales Representative for the RED Company in order to be able to have a real family life and still be able to do what I do best, sell!

I speak French, Spanish, English, Romanian& Flemish. What I love most? I love my wife, I love my daughter, I love my job, and I love beer.

2. So, how does it feel to close the biggest deal of your life?

This deal didn't come out of the blue. Neither did it close the first time. But we planned it, tried again & again until we got really into the sales cycle. Then we had to be patient, see how the customer would react, be careful not to make the wrong step.

And then, when you are really in the sales cycle, you can't imagine how a couple months fly fast until you approach the closing date. The last days/hours look like years! Although you know that the customer has got the pen and the paper, you don't know when he (she in this case) will sign. And as if this pressure was not enough, your management and peers keep asking when it will sign ;) So, when in the middle night you hear that the customer is finally showing that he wants to go share the road with you, when you've been through the hardest last minute negotiation, you see the fax watching you straight in the eyes...although you have been preparing for months, you are only able feel a huge effect of SURPRISE!

Now, the customer has signed, but the real work begins, we have to share our best practice, provide the best customer care and show her that she made the right choice to go with us!

Because, after all, all we want is a happy customer!

3. What do you think has made the difference in closing this deal?

When we created the opportunity, I would say that although success was in our heads, we were totally dedicated to the instant, enjoying the job, and doing it with passion.

When the opportunity was created, teamwork was the main key, share everything, prepare every eventuality, and, most important, keep in touch with the customer!

About the closing? It's all about trusting the specialists, and your field sales. They have been preparing for months, years and all they need is your total support! And when you get to get the contract, you can share your happiness with all your colleagues! Who knows? Your experience and success could be an inspiration for another team?

Amazingly, my professional work at Oracle prepared me for the biggest deal of my life which is in fact outside the boundaries of the company. After working on many different accounts and dealing with various clients, I got to realise that the great deal is actually the new member in my family. So my question to you all is...what's your biggest deal?


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