Spotlight on a career path: Gabriel, Hardware Sales@Oracle Sweden

1. Let's start with introducing yourself and giving us an overview of your current role at Oracle!

Hello all! My name is Gabriel, I am a Hardware Sales Rep based in Sweden. I joined Oracle in November 2012 after working with hardware sales for four years at another large American IT company.

When I was offered a job at Oracle during the fall of 2012 there was no hesitation to accept the offer. What made me accept the offer from Oracle was the possibility of working for a company that has a unique ability to offer its customers hardware and software solutions spanning from applications to disk.

My current role at Oracle is to sell Oracle Hardware e.g. Servers, Storage and Engineered Systems to the entire public sector in Sweden.

Being able to cover a territory such as the public sector requires working closely with local Oracle resellers all over Sweden to promote Oracle solutions.

2. What about the team you are part of?

My team consists of a number of sales reps covering different industries such as retail, telco, manufacturing and public sector.

Besides sales the team consists of several presales, which are technical experts in different products within the Oracle hardware portfolio.

Presales assist sales in creating the technical solution for new and current oracle customers.

3. What’s the career path in your team?

Being in sales there are lots of possibilities within Oracle if you are willing to evolve. Oracle offers lots of different courses depending on what your ultimate career goal is. Just because you work in hardware you are not limited to a career within hardware. If you’re willing to educate yourself on Oracle Software, you can apply for e.g. a role as sales rep within Applications or Core Technology. Once you are employed by Oracle it is up to you with the support of your manager to create the best possible career path.

4. What are the top 3 things that you’ve learned in your role?

  • Team work

Oracles mission is to provide best of breed solutions for all industries. To be able to do this it is critical that Hardware, Core technology and Application Sales work together in order to provide the customer with the best possible solution.

  • Educate yourself

Oracle puts a lot of recourses in research and development which means that there are a huge amount of new products and technologies being introduced to the market. By constantly educating yourself and attending the huge amount of educational webcasts, you make sure that you always have the latest information to provide to your customers.

  • Learn From your colleagues

Discuss with your colleagues and take advantage of their knowledge regarding various industries and competitors way to do business. Each colleague carries their own unique knowledge that might be helpful to you or your customers.

5. If I was looking for a job I would apply at Oracle because…

The company offers its employees the possibility to learn and work with cutting edge technology and Solutions. Besides the technology Oracle has created a great culture, you really feel like you are part of a big red team when you walk in to the office in the morning.


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