Social Networking: What does that mean for you, The Candidate by Michael Montgomery

Get onboard the social networking train or fall behind in your personal and professional life.This is what we are hearing and everyone is scrambling to make that happen—you can read about it everywhere!

We are faced with no comparable time in the digital age—there are no borders or walls in this global landscape. And, if you want to increase your chances of standing out and being targeted as a “Rock Star” Candidate by a top global company, like Oracle, aside from having top industry applicable experience, you will need to hone your social networking skills.

Oracle Recruiters are spending a minimum of 25% of our time on social networking platforms hunting for Rock Star Candidates and you will need to match this to keep up with most top global Recruiters. In fact, this number is likely to increase and there is a very high likelihood that posting your resume on a website will no longer be enough for you. You need to engage top Recruiters through platforms such as Blogging, Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter and many more.

At Oracle, we are living there now! You can check out several Oracle Recruiters globally on Twitter, Facebook, and Linked-In, etc. And, more importantly, since this technology is ever changing, we are discussing daily how to improve our presence and harness these platforms globally to maximize our hunting skills and recruiting processes. As we hone our skills and processes around social networking, our ability to access, identify and screen candidates will occur at warp speed, thereby filling vacancies faster and making your ability to compete for these positions that much more difficult, unless you get onboard now.

New social networking recruiting awareness presents an interesting challenge and dilemma for the job seeker. Every aspect of the job seeking from privacy to higher and faster vacancy closure rates, etc. will be tested in this era. One of the biggest challenges faced in this age is when is information too much information and how will you manage your next search? Part of that depends on your level of skill and awareness and part of it depends on your common sense and strategy. The era of a well-written resume to present your experience and credentials is almost an after-thought. Though, I caution you not to get blasé in preparing a flawless, well-written, concise resume/cv, as we still read them—but at a faster and more efficient pace.

However, we encounter candidates daily that live on social networking platforms and expect that we seek them out through their blogs and linked-in versus a job board. It has almost become expected at the level we recruit and we become a little suspect when they are not connected to this world. What some of these candidates have not thought about are the ramifications of “laying it all out there” so to speak. Meaning, not carefully managing your image and career on these platforms can have a long-term affect on your ability to land that revered position with a company, like Oracle. Whether you are a passive, reactive or proactive job seeker, you need to be careful in managing your presence out there. Understand, that it is a part of a solid Recruiter’s DNA to gather information—we are by nature, information gathers! While all information we collect is completely job-related, social networking has blurred the lines of what is job-related only. If you are not careful, the information you share through social networking, whether blogging, facebook, etc. will affect your “rock star” status with any Recruiter.

So, here are some tips for you to manage your professional career and job search in a social networking world:

1) Choose one or maximum 2 platforms to utilize for your professional career. I recommend Linked-In for one. This is the most widely used for business-specific application.

2) Do not mix business with personal as a general rule. It is okay to lightly cross-pollinate your professional world with personal life, as with Facebook, but keep it to a minimum. For example, I use Facebook as a personal presence for friends, family, etc. and minimal utilization for business chatter. However, I utilize Linked-In as my professional presence and recently adopted Twitter and my personal blog for a little of both business and personal.

3) Carefully scrutinize everything you post, instant message, and email, whether business or personal. Once on the web, it is a permanent fixture and it open for scrutiny by any employer.

4)Think of your professional social networking platform as your live resume—keep it up to date, but be minimalist in your opinions, views, etc. Be honest, creative, but be a minimalist, so judgments and perceptions are not made based on what you have written or posted. Keep it relevant to who you are as a technologist or whatever profession.

5) Do not accept too many invitations for networking on other platforms, unless you plan to use it consistently. It will be a distraction for you otherwise. Again, I recommend 2-3 platforms at the most.

The author of this article is part of Oracle's North America Recruitment Team and can be contacted at


Every applicant should look closely at their resume and make it stand out to be noticed by their prospective employer. To top the competition resume should be adequate and compelling. One must focus and move in the right direction. Never let obstacle interfere with job search.

Posted by JobSearchNinja on April 24, 2009 at 10:36 AM CST #

Plaxo is also a great place for a business presence like Linked-In and you can use twitter for updates that will also update on Plaxo. Soon people will be able to use one platform or hub to interconnect with all of their social media with all of their world on their desktop.

Posted by julian on April 24, 2009 at 02:09 PM CST #

Linkedin allows you to keep things professional. Facebook allows you to keep things personal. Twitter makes it harder to do that, on twitter its your complete personality.

Posted by Kiran on April 24, 2009 at 10:35 PM CST #

Hi Micheal, Great post that is elaborative and informative. - Pushpa.

Posted by Pushpa on April 27, 2009 at 07:54 PM CST #

Interesting read and very informative. Thanks! Girish

Posted by Girish Wadhwani on May 13, 2009 at 04:36 PM CST #

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