Oracle's Australian Graduate Recruitment Program

I have been with Oracle for 5 years now and one thing that I have found that there is never a shortage of here is - Variety. Over the last 5 years I have had the opportunity to work on projects across various countries, across various technologies and skill-sets and also across various level of seniority. No two days are the same.

One of the projects I was fortunate to be involved in occurred last year and it is one of the ones that is closest to me. Last year I was able to take responsibility for our 2011 Graduate Recruitment drive in Australia. Two weeks ago I went to Sydney to meet our Graduates who started in February 2011 with us and it was great to see them come to the end (or beginning actually) of our journey together.

I am excited at the potential of what our Graduates careers will develop into here with us. I remember at our interviewing last year trying to explain life in Oracle, it is great to see those same Graduates with us now learning and developing life and business skills that I hope they will take with them in their professional careers.

I was talking to one of my colleagues this week who mentioned the excitement and energy that our new Graduates bring is infectious, and I agree it really is. Our Graduates have a big learning curve ahead of them and they are about to start going on rotations into some of our Business Groups - but I think it is a great experience to see how a global company operates and pulls together to achieve results together.

Here is a picture we took the other week of this year's Oracle Graduates (if any of our Graduates are reading this blog - it was great seeing you in NSW and I do wish you all the success here at Oracle)

Picture 012.jpg

Once again Oracle's Graduate Program will be running in 2011 in Australia (Graduates will start in Jan/Feb 2012).

The Oracle Australia Graduate Development Program is a one-year program consisting of orientation, formal training, project rotations in one core line of business and finally job placement.

The formal training is a combination of structured development programs on soft skills and functional competencies via various delivery formats.

Graduates are also expected to work in a team environment and complete multiple projects addressing real business challenges and at the time gaining a broad business understanding.

For our Australia program we are hiring in our North Ryde and Melbourne offices.

Resume submissions are being accepted now. First Round interviews will take place in June 2011 with Final Round interviews in July 2011.

The Australia Graduate Program is open to Australian Residents and Citizens who are either in the final year of their studies or have graduated the previous year.

For more details on Oracle and our Graduate Program visit our Campus website

To express your interest, mail your resume to CAMPUSRELATIONS_AU@ORACLE.COM



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