Oracle Technology sales – A License to Sell! by Victoria Sorensen

The General Business Sales Team started in 2005 and is the fastest growing Division in Oracle Benelux. They sell Oracle Technology Products and Solutions in the Netherlands via trusted and valued Business Partners and cover clients who fall outside of Oracles named account space. These include medium to large companies and organisations such as Non-Profit, Government, Education, Utilities, Healthcare, Retail, Industry, Transport, Finance, Technology etc… The team also covers the Belgium and Luxemburg markets where they have similar type clients and opportunities.

I recently spoke with a number of, still young but already experienced, talented sales individuals within the General Business License Sales Team about their experiences in Oracle so far. They have all been with Oracle for almost 6 years and started their careers at Oracle Direct in Dublin.

They describe their experiences as Sales people within Oracle as an intense, complex and challenging environment where you will only make it if you have the drive and hunger to learn and find your own way. You very quickly learn that working very closely with colleagues, partners and clients is the only way to be truly successful. When joining Oracle you very soon get freedom and responsibility and as a young professional this makes for a very challenging and rewarding role.

“Oracle has an intelligent sale…”

They agree that the General Business team is made up of dynamic, quick-thinking sales people who understand the concept of a complex sale, with challenging sales-cycles, where you need to work closely and develop solid relationships with the right Business Partners. The Oracle sale is described as an “Intelligent sale” that suits sales people educated to Degree level who want a sales job with substance. Everyone in the team has the drive to be successful and all know that this success cannot only be achieved individually but also come from working as a team.

The common theme in this team seems to be their drive and hunger for success, “we don’t take no for an answer!” The feeling is that Oracle has a uniquely broad palette of technology and solutions, “you don’t go to a client with just one solution but with a portfolio containing the right solution for every situation.”

Those that have been in sales roles before also comment on the freedom of creativity within Oracle, enabling them to develop business and relationships in forward thinking ways and stay ahead of the competition.

One thing they all agree on is that although they work in a target driven and measured environment there is a very strong team spirit. More experienced colleagues are always willing to help and share knowledge. You still have to be pro-active and find the help you need, Oracle is a self–service environment and ultimately you are responsible for your own success.

“Burning Ambition…”

What amazes new members of the team is the number of people who have been at Oracle for over 10 years. When joining Oracle it soon becomes clear that there is a plethora of opportunity for a long and challenging career. They must be having fun as apparently time does fly, “the past 5 years have gone so quickly and my career has developed with many new opportunities. Every time I have been ready for a new challenge a new opportunity has given me the chance to try something new and develop myself further. You must demonstrate burning ambition and be willing to prove yourself and in return you are rewarded with a long and varied career path”.

Ultimately, Oracle offers an abundance of opportunity for Software Sales people at all levels. From Starter Sales to Senior and Executive Sales, Oracle offers the perfect opportunity to work for a truly Global Market Leader committed to ongoing development and sustainable success. This is an exciting time to join us with our broadening footprint and expanding product range offering our clients a complete solution.

Victoria Sorensen recruits for sales positions in the Benelux, based out of the Netherlands she has been with Oracle EMEA for two years and can be contacted at


I worked at Oracle for 9 years. The biggest mistake of my life was to leave. In all ten years i was amazed by the talent and intellect of the people with whom I had the honor to work. The sales force at Oracle are not only incredibly technical skills, but they are continually working at developing their business / sales abilities.

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