Oracle Supports Workforce Diversity by Vanesa Rodriguez

Oracle Women's Leadership Community, an Oracle global initiave, is lead in Spain by Almudena Capell, Clara Garrido and Gloria Lorenzo. We had an opportunity recently to interview them:


·Women start their careers in business with the same education and commitment as men, but comparably few reach the executive positions...
This is the reality showed by statistics, but we need to go beyond statistics and understand if this is a personal decision or if it is due to obstacles or barriers externals or self-imposed. There are as many differences as similarities between women and men. By sharing, talking and understanding with each other we can benefit of both, differences and similarities, helping both to develop professionally.

·Is there any strategy to ensure that women get to the top?
At Oracle we have equal opportunities, but sharing and understanding is also key to enhance all life aspects that provide quality, personally and professionally.
Same applies to access to resources and training provided by Oracle. Flexible working hours, home offices etc... We are also investing in leadership programmes like OWL that can serve as an inspiration to women interested in leadership and also provides tools and environments to foster it.

·Have you found by experience any link between diversity and success? Diversity is in itself a success. It enrichs and the benefits are obvious. Most of us work in a global environment where we benefit of different approaches to day-to-day work, helping us to see other approaches and their benefits.

·What foundational processes or systems must companies put in place to retain women? It really depends on the type of company, whether it is a family company, or a SME, big corporation or public organization. Even within each one of them, it also depends on the department and function. Working by objectives, with measurable results, is a great advantage, as well as being able to work remotely. Work hours and estimation of projects based on 8 hours journeys have been treated specifically in many forums. An open, flexible, and motivational environment helps to feel that it is possible to integrate both sides of your life, personal and work. One of my colleagues at college told me a few days ago that she is so engaged with her company (an international food enterprise) that when she goes shopping to the markets and cannot find its products, she informs immediately to the corresponding department to start distributing!

·What is the "Oracle Women's Leadership" Community? objectives?
OWL aims to create local and global opportunities that support, educate and empower our current and future generations of women leaders at Oracle. The program objectives are:

·Cultivate a community to learn from one another and impact results in our organization and careers
·Create mentoring opportunities and advocates through group synergies
·Enhance skills that will empower women to step into our greatest leadership potential
·Foster an environment to grow and retain future female talent

The program is centered on nine key competencies including:

  • Personal Vision

  • Self-Leadership

  • Influence

  • Business Results

  • Visibility

  • Negotiation

  • Personal Resilience

  • Relationship Management

  • Organizational Awareness

The author of this article has been with the Oracle EMEA Recruitment Team for the past year and can be contacted at


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