Oracle Recruitment Introduces Our Sina Weibo Sites

 Our Oracle Recruitment Team here in APAC has continued to grow our online presence. While sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have received most of the Social Media fanfare and media attention over the past number of years these sites are not necessarily used everywhere as much as they are in some regions or communities.

Our Oracle China Recruitment Team has created two new Sina Weibo pages to communicate and share stories with our online communities in China. For information on what is happening in our China Offices you can now connect with us:

To keep in touch with our Campus Recruitment Team in China and to find out about Graduate opportunities in Oracle China:

To keep in touch with our Oracle Recruitment Team in China about roles for experienced candidates you can connect with us at:

I think that it is great that here in our larger Oracle Recruitment Team we do not necessarily view the world with a one size fits all Social Media solution. I think that this is a good example of getting back to the heart of what Social Media is all about (or what it is not about): I do not believe Social Media is necessarily about the platform or channel (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Weibo) but I think at the heart of the matter it is about the communication and the content. I remember speaking at a conference a few years back on Social Media and I believe the same message that I mentioned back then which was that it is more important to have meaningful discussions and relationships with your online networks than to be on the latest and greatest SM platform that has come out. The channel will always change and evolve but without the people there to share and talk and liaise with each other these SM networks would not be very relevant.

Many of the various SM platforms we use are a great way for people to find out a little bit more what it is like to work here and a great way to connect with us about potential opportunities and while the medium will change over the years the communication and availability to connect with each other will not. If you have always wanted to know more about Oracle China and what recruitment activity is taking place with us – I hope these pages on Weibo give you a glimpse into life at Oracle and help you connect with us.


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