Oracle India Campus Koffee Konnect Program Part 1

Koffee Konnect is a candidate engagement program that has been designed to help maintain contact with selected candidates at various Campuses across India.

The primary objective of Koffee Konnect is to keep the candidates connected with Oracle during the long span from selection till on boarding.

A special initiative was taken by Oracle’s Campus Relations team and the program at 23 campuses. The representatives from Oracle who visited all the campuses were our Senior Managers and Directors. They are the brains behind our success in the Product Development space and their long tenure with Oracle has been the facilitator for them to understand our Culture and Values.

They are the people who would be mentoring and grooming the young minds to reach heights in their career. The Senior Executives who went to the campuses were from our Server Technology, Application Development and Communications Global Business Units. 

The program was well organized and meticulous planning by our Campus Representatives went into it. There were huge posters designed and displayed in all the Campuses mentioning the key details of the program to spread the fire and buzz Oracle was all set for. Our Senior Representatives interacted with the students and definitely relived those unforgettable moments of their college life again.

They spent time over “Koffee” and shared light moments with our new members in the Oracle family over snacks. For memories to be cherished they distributed goodies to our placed students and also to their placement staff. And whenever time permitted at couple of places they also took our new mates for dinner. 

The benefits from this initiative can be listed as:

• Koffee Konnect ensures that candidates remain engaged. The meeting is informal and helps the candidate to have a warm connection with the organization through the visiting member.

• Koffee Konnect is a platform which makes the candidates believe that they are already a part of Oracle Corporation and is a gesture to appreciate and value their decision to join it.

• Goodies are distributed to the students as part of the event which also brings in a feel good factor .

This program was conducted in the time span from 24th March to 15th April; visits to 23 Campuses with our 21 panel members.

Megha Chaturvedi

Recruiting Research Analyst

Some questions taken from the Q & A session at NITK Surathkal:

1) How Sun acquisition helped in Oracle business strategy?

Oracle was using Java technology extensively in our products. Acquiring Sun technology has further strengthened the Oracle products and its development. Also, with Sun acquisition, we are now into high end hardware business. We now call this campaign as "Hardware and Software, Engineered to Work Together". This enhances the value proposition of Oracle - both in software and hardware side of business.

2) What is the career path for India based employees?

We do all the development functions carried in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) at India

Development Center. Our job grades and career enhancement policies are same across all

regions. We have one global job grade system and is followed across teams.

3) Do we have any training for new hires?

For all newly joined campus hires, we will have structured class room training sessions. Once these trainings are done, they will get 'on the job training / guidance' from their managers / leads or mentors. Apart from this, we will have soft skills class room training courses.

Finally, all Oracle employees can access vast collection of hosted online courses which covers both technical, functional and soft skill training needs.


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