Oracle Graduate Hiring : A Manager's Perspective

I am Raj, working as Director, Applications Development. Our group implements, maintains, upgrades and extends the applications that Oracle requires to meet its rapidly changing business requirements and provides a showcase for Oracle's products to external customers. Our business is truly global organization with its large team spread across the globe, supporting worldwide business operations on a global single instance.

Last year, when we decided to infuse some fresh energy into Applications Development we were quite clear that we would like to have some talented fresh graduates joining our large organization. From our earlier experience in the past, we knew that the Oracle culture of combining personal growth with Organization goals would help in giving these individuals the best platform to start their career and at the same time the organization would gain a lot in the long run when this bunch of young enthusiasts absorb all the knowledge & skills and start delivering.

Today we feel really happy that our Graduates have performed so well and are working on all aspects of work - be it the routine work or complex coding or tricky support issues.

Graduate recruitment can be more difficult than hiring experienced candidates as we need to hire them based on their future potential rather than their existing skills. Considering this challenge, we formed a team of seasoned interviewers who were typically from our development team and had spent a considerable amount of time in Oracle. The interviewer selection was done based on the ability of the person to judge the aptitude and attitude of candidates. We worked with the Oracle Campus relations team to source the right candidates as per our job requirement.

Since work at Oracle gives you a lot of variety with varied amount of complexity we needed to hire the candidates who can gel well with the Oracle culture and continuously perform. To get a perfect fit of individual aspirations and organizational goals, our multistage recruitment process emphasized greatly on open communication between the candidates and interviewers - apart from evaluating their technical capability. During the interviews, we explained in lot of details about our team, our products and future work - even if the candidates were not asking these questions. This was really needed so that freshers can take an informed decision.

After job offers were released to candidates our managers worked out a detailed customized induction and training program. We made it a point to include a wide array of technical topics covering most of the future work that the graduates may be involved in. The training included theoretical sessions followed by practical exercises. We also worked with respective module managers to arrange for application specific training to the allotted candidates.

Once the candidates were on board and undergoing various training, we assigned them mentors - who were senior team members to help the new joiners with day to day operational/technical doubts. Senior Managers made it a point to review and check the progress through direct interactions. Once the training was over, the local module managers inducted them into specific teams. Since we have a large group in Oracle, we tried to ensure that our graduates felt at ease to speak to anyone from the team and seek help wherever needed.

When I look back at last 8 months we spent together with our Graduates, I think we really made an excellent choice. They have picked up real fast and are doing full-fledged work. It's always a pleasure to watch them moving together as a team and getting ready to 'mentor' the next set of Graduates in few months time!


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