OARDC FY09 University Program by Kitty Zou

University.JPGThe Oracle Asia Research and Development Center's (OARDC) University Program builds long-term, in-depth relationships with strategic universities in Asia to foster and attract top talent to Oracle development. In FY09, the University Program provided interns for the development teams, recruited new graduates from top schools and established joint research programs with top universities.

Campus Recruiting

Approximately 4.5 million students graduate from universities in China every year, among which 1.3 million come from IT-related majors. New graduates can bring energy, passion, and new ideas to Oracle's R&D teams and will become the Oracle of the future. For the past two years, the OARDC has conducted an annual event to recruit the best developer talent across China. This year, the OARDC successfully hired new graduates for 16 different Oracle R&D groups based in China.

From September 2008 to March 2009, the OARDC promoted Oracle on university campuses in China visiting campuses in 9 major cities in China. As a result, more than 2,500 students participated in OARDC career talks and roundtable discussions, and the OARDC more than 6,000 applications. The applicants went through a process of online tests followed by a second round validation tests and then interviews. As a result, successful new graduates from 31 different universities in China will join Oracle starting in June 2009.

Internship Program

The OARDC's University Program focuses on recruiting motivated software engineering and management graduates and utilizes an internship program to gain an early opportunity to recruit top-quality talented personnel for full-time employment. The program helps identify top students early on and provides them with an opportunity to work as interns at the OARDC where they learn the skills needed to become Oracle software professionals and where Oracle managers can see the students in a true working environment. This internship program is organized for the development teams in China and is separate from the "Oracle APAC Graduate Program" which is organized and run by the APAC Corporate Development - Planning Division.

FY09 was a big year for the OARDC Internship Program. Nearly 100 interns worked in 18 different groups in the OARDC. They came from 20 different universities including Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Improvements in the University Program for FY09 included an OARDCInternshipBlog to enhance communication among interns, monthly intern training sessions, and a get-together for the interns, their supervisors, and OARDC managers, which was strongly supported by the universities. The program also received great support from Oracle VP Pascal Sero, who took time to join open discussions with interns, listen to their feedback, and provide suggestions to help improve the quality of their intern experience.

All these efforts made the Internship Program a huge success this year. One intern, who departed to pursue higher education, wrote in the blog: "After I get my M.S. degree, Oracle will be my first choice to join. And I will share my perfect experience with all the exceptional students I know."

Joint Research

Research cooperation with academia is the third key aspect of the OARDC University Program. Joint research fosters strong local relationships and can aid Oracle's product development. The goal of the collaboration is to accelerate advanced research and development of promising technologies in Chinese academia and cultivate strong talent in Oracle technologies. Strong research relationships between Oracle development and Chinese universities allow us to set up joint labs and conduct joint projects with strategic universities in key technology areas resulting in a win-win model for the university and Oracle.

In FY09, with the support of the Oracle New England Development Center (NEDC), the OARDC successfully set up the Wuhan University-Oracle Spatial Innovation Center (WOSIC). Wuhan University and the OARDC will collaborate with each other on at least two joint research projects in the coming years. Through WOSIC, Wuhan University will receive software donations, curriculum, training, internships, etc., and Oracle will extend and promote Oracle Spatial technology in China.

For more information on the OARDC, email oardcinfo_ww@oracle.com
For more information on the OARDC University Program, email kitty.zou@oracle.com


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