Monash University SICC (Society for International Commerce and Computing) Corporate Dinner by Michael Kamar

 A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Monash University Study for International Commerce and Computing (SICC) ( Corporate Dinner out at the lovely Leonda by the Yarra in Hawthorn, Melbourne. The evening was organised by a group of students at Monash University in Melbourne, and was aimed at providing networking opportunities to students on the cusp of entering the corporate environment, and also to socialize with representatives from a range of corporate companies over dinner.

 The evening kicked off with registration, nibbles and chatting between company representatives and students. There were approximately 100 people there, a wide mix of students, from those just starting out at University, those who were just about to complete University, and those who had recently graduated. Dinner started off with presentations from several key sponsors who spoke about life in the corporate world in general, as well as a quick rundown in regards to their own graduate intakes.

The night wasn’t all about presentations though, as the tables were split into groups of students based on their relevant interests, and where they wanted to enter into the corporate world. Representing Oracle, I was placed on an IT centric table with around 8 students who were interested in the IT industry. It was great to engage with the students and speak about day to day life at Oracle, how it all functions, what the process was to get into the Graduate Program, what my role was, etc. But the questions weren’t all work related, and it was great to see interest in out of work activities, and social interaction within the workplace.

Another thing that worked really well, and which ran at several intervals throughout the evening, was the “Corporate Trivia” that had been organized by SICC. Teams were based on tables (14 in total), and questions had a corporate twist to them, this meant students and representatives alike had to work together in coming up with answers. Everything from ‘name the partial company logo’ to ‘what do these acronyms stand for’ were asked.

This wasn’t as easy as it sounds! Not only was the trivia a great way to get everyone involved, but I found that it also helped students come up with additional questions or queries that they wanted to know about corporate life.
 After dinner had concluded, people started to move around between tables again, giving students an opportunity to ask further questions to representatives they hadn’t been sitting with. I found that even students who weren’t directly interested in a career in IT, still wanted to know about Oracle, and what it was like working for such a large organization.

Overall, it was a great night, and was a great opportunity to mix with students who were looking at getting into the corporate world. For anyone looking to get into a corporate job after University, it would be highly recommended to find a similar club or group that runs evenings like this at your University. Having an opportunity to speak to people who went through the same process as you’re about to go through, is invaluable. Thanks again to SICC for organising the event, and inviting myself and other industry representatives along.


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