Miracles of Communication – By Prashant Singh

We are living in an increasingly globalised world today. The world has become smaller due to the miracles of communication. Barriers of distances, languages, and cultures have all been overcome by today’s technology. This means of better communication essentially means that we have become more accustomed to communicating with the outside world, for example you can apply for jobs anywhere across the world through various channels like: Blogs, Linkedin, Twitter, etc…. This has helped millions of us to get in touch with the right people and also for the right job opportunities.

The miracles of communication can be used to our advantage for getting better and the right jobs across globe. Any rewards or appreciation from your past work history may make a huge difference in your profile. Not every opportunity that you come across would be the right fit for you, but you can definitely make a difference in your career with the right approach and communication. These days you have an option to get in touch with the concerned recruiters through Blogs, Linkedin, Twitter, etc… and get their contact number and speak to them regarding a position, role, and responsibility in detail before you send your resume. You will also get to understand if your profile will be the best fit or get an option of some other opening that might be best suited for you. Communicating your aspirations is another very essential aspect when you apply for a job. Expressing and communicating your thoughts for that particular job will lead to a better prospect in your career goals as well as any organisational goals.

Communicating through the right channels would create miracles in your career.
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I can't agree with Prashant anymore. I personally find blogs and linkedin very useful in connecting with people.

In the current times, when companies are very particular about the profiles they offer and when there is abundance of skilled resources available, it’s becoming more and more important to match yourself suitably. Applying for the rightmost job that suits your experience, qualification and interest is imperative. This will not only improve one’s chance of getting a successful recruitment but will also reduce the company’s effort of skimming through thousands of applications.

One can feel the growing power of social networking, when you see the new age recruiters accessible through variety of communication channels.

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