Meet Thomas, the Most Innovational person in Oracle Direct EMEA of Q1 by Susan Farrelly

Thomas was voted, by his peers,  the most Innovational person in Oracle Direct EMEA of Q1, the first quarter of this fiscal! Thomas, a Business Development Consultant at Oracle Direct’s Applications Team, taught himself how to use and leverage the power of social engagement consistent with Oracle’s Social Media Policy.  From these learning's he provided both his and other applications teams in Dublin with huge amounts of training and has presented his findings to the teams on more than one occasion. It is important to recognise that this isn't just a great actually works! The results speak for themselves. Thomas is engaging with customers and prospects via their preferred channel of communication and creating a strong personal social brand.

We congratulate Thomas for his efforts of raising Social Media to the next level within Business Development Group. He put a lot of work into Social Selling, as one of the first within the BDG and set the example for a new innovative approach on how to sell anno 2013. He deserves to be recognized for this.

His contribution to social media has been a great inspiration for all Business Development Consultants or Business Relationship Consultants. He knows what he talks about and has great conversion rates out of his social media campaigns. And he doesn't mind sharing his knowledge with everybody.

Great effort in searching for new ways of communication and social selling.

Thomas has shown great initiative towards leveraging the social media and networks (twitter, linkedin) to find new business opportunities in a previously way. He has shown great out-of-the-box thinking while addressing new companies and prospects and has shared those experiences and ideas to help his colleagues use the same approach. This included a presentation, informational emails and a general helpful attitude from him. He also shared his success stories from his innovational approach.  Thomas is showing initiative with an innovative and fresh character, truly helping people to try something new  with a focus on selling across channels and working for the CRM team which is focused on selling social.

We think the way Thomas positions social, by using social is innovative and inspirational. What better way to tell your clients do social, by engaging with them on a social platform? Going always the extra mile, we believe, that Thomas Brits, is an innovator from the day he walked into Oracle Direct.

The way Thomas operates on the work floor by introducing new ideas to find the best opportunities as possible shows he runs the extra mile for coming up with new ideas around how to engage with customers more efficiently for instance via Social Media. Thomas also organises power hours/days for the team.

He is the best!

---- written by Susan Farrelly----  


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