Life at Oracle by Sakshi Bhatnagar

Life is never predictable…no one can ever understand how life works its own course and even though a lot of us try to direct it, rarely does it ever turn out the way that we plan.

When I was in college, most of the students in my class were under a lot of pressure to just get a job in one of the well-known companies. I am pretty much sure, they did not really realize back then what it really meant to be a part of an organization that would not only provide them employment but also be like a nurturing and caring friend.

Hi, I am an ORACLE employee and I have been here for three months now. If you would have asked me what my expectations are from any company that gives me employment back in my college days, I would have simply said none….and that would have been because I was not sure what to expect. Now however, three months into life at ORACLE the past three months have been the best months of my life. It has been a great and a very fond journey, from the innocence of college life to the more mature and sensible corporate life.

By being a part of ORACLE, I have not just found an employer but also a nurturing and caring friend. A lot of people would say that fun ends with the end of student life and there is no fun in being in a corporate environment. To those I ask how can corporate life not be fun when we are still learning something new each day?! At ORACLE, every day brings a new learning experience. It is not just about doing our work but also about understanding what we do, why we do what we do and in contributing to make lives of those we serve, i.e. society better.

The very first day of my induction, I remember feeling awestruck by the very infrastructure and people in ORACLE, each person I met was so humble and so open to helping the new people. It never felt as if I was new to the organization. The people make an organization what it is …and here I found people who were ready to explain and mentor young minds without any false pretentions.

The boot-camp I attended which is conducted specifically for all the new employees is one of the best ways of teaching employees learn ORACLE values and also to encourage employees to communicate and build a human network across the organization.

The "SELF SERVICE" motto of ORACLE actually helps employees to be independent and learn things on their own and in that way being wiser and better humans. The humility and helping nature of the employees does not just limit to the campuses. It is amazing how various charity and good-will events are conducted by ORACLE to help those who need it the most. The fun never stopped with the end of college for me. With ORACLE, I have learnt to have fun and be responsible at the same time. My mentors, my team, my colleagues and a lot more of friends that I have made here in three months have added a lot of value and essence to my life. I have learnt a lot, and it’s not just about work or work ethics but also about life and human values. I can never thank ORACLE enough for providing such a great experience and so many timeless memories to me. THANKS A LOT ORACLE!


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