Hiring People in Tough Market Situations - by Pushpa Sreenivasan

We all know how this is not the employers market. The slump in the market has brought huge challenges to Recruiters whose hunt is still on for the best talent from the market. As the supply of resources flood the market, there surely is a dearth of opportunities within company for open positions. How do we tackle such this situation?

1) Narrow your search: The job portals are flooded with resumes as potential candidates are uncertain about their current job. In a situation like this, it’s very important as a Recruiter for you to narrow your search to the active job seekers than passive job seekers. The active job seekers are responsive to the job offer that you have to offer and they are surely up for grabs.

As for the candidates, its important for you to narrow your search in identifying the right job for you and follow up regularly with the Recruiter on the open head count to have yourself land your dream job.

2) Networking is the key: In a volatile market situation, the job market is the most affected as the perception is LIFO (Last in first out). As a Recruiter, your potential hire is weary of the situation and is not really keen to move out of his comfort zone. The key here would be to build an active network with your potential hires not just for jobs but to gain knowledge on his side of the story. Then it becomes easy for you to present his dream job and then hire him for your open position.

As for the candidates, it helps you to network with the Recruiters and HR folks to gain knowledge on company situation, their hiring prospects, their growth directions just for you to be aware if the move that you are going to make is worth end of it all.

3) Gain business intelligence: Its important to all of us to keep ourselves updated on what is happening around. Gain knowledge on various industries growth or slump. This will help and comes handy if as a Recruiter, you are talking to your potential hire from that domain. This will give you the insight to attract the candidate and also gives confidence to the candidate that he is talking to the right person in the company.

As a candidate, knowledge on verticals not only helps you weigh your option to move to that domain but also helps you compare the industries. In such a turbulent situations, the managers out there want to hire “only the best” who is far beyond excellence. You have to give an impression in the minds of the Recruiter that its you who is cut for the role and nobody else.

4)Reskill and Reinvent: By now, we all know the traditional method of hiring is not the in thing in hiring in turbulent market situations. As a Recruiter, you too have to reskill yourself to reinvent new forms of recruiting. As mentioned in the previous blogs here, the candidates out there are becoming more and more passive making a recruiter’s job even more aggressive and tougher by the day. Its very important as a Recruiter to bell the cat in finding out what works best in his favour. Hunt for the best resource from the deep caves, which did not exist for many.

The author of this article has been with the Oracle India Recruitment Team for the past three years and can be contacted at pushpalatha.sreenivasan@oracle.com


Excellent Article it provides with insight into the process not only from recruiters prospective but also for candidates like who are looking for a change.

Posted by Gautam Sarathy on February 09, 2009 at 09:16 AM CST #

This article sounds like a repeat to some of the other articles that i have been reading in Oracle recruitment blog since the very start. Though it is a good insight into the process but you have been constantly sharing the same points over and over again using different words. Try to come up with something new.

Posted by Rahul Sinha on February 25, 2009 at 06:17 AM CST #

I think the sudden change in the global economy has prompted more articles such as this one The interesting thing I think is that people from different regions globally are writing similar topics so this change and impact in the economy is being felt globally.

Posted by David Talamelli on February 25, 2009 at 06:30 AM CST #

I think this article touch some good points about networking, MI; however I do not agree with first point. Yes, you would find many candidates on the job boards - however, your best candidates would mostly be the ones who have survived this wave due to their skills/experience. We can not ignore those people - so, passive searching is not out of the question. Also, in last point you mention that candidates are becoming more passive and hard to break. This point slightly collide with the first point of active searching where you have mentioned emphasize on active. This time can be utilized best for your future sourcing strategy. As you have lots of potential good candidates available in the market OR thinking of changing (semi-active) - this gives a big opportunity for talent mapping.

Posted by Sarang on April 28, 2009 at 05:41 PM CST #

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