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As part of our continuing series of "Getting to Know Your Oracle Recruiter" this month we are fortunate to get the opportunity to talk to Heather Parrot from our North America Recruiting Team. Heather took some time out of her schedule to answer a few questions:


1) How long have you been with Oracle, what is your role? I have been working for Oracle for a little over 3.5 years now. It is amazing how quick the time with Oracle has gone (guess that means I am having fun :). My primary role at Oracle is Recruiter, supporting the North America Development teams. During my time at Oracle, I supported many different teams in development. have primarily supported our applications teams, specifically CRM OnDemand, Applications User Experience, Health Sciences Global Business Unit and Insurance Global Business Unit as well as the Collaboration Technologies team's technical writing org. The specific roles that I tend to work on include: Product Managers/Product Strategy Managers, Developers, QA/Test, as well as Executive and other leadership roles. I have also had an opportunity to do a few stretch assignments with our HR team as well during my time here.

2) You have been recruiting for 10+ years, what are some of the major changes you have seen in the way companies recruit? I have spend about 1/2 my time in recruiting on the agency side and the other half has been as a corporate recruiter. Thinking back, I can't believe that I used to receive resumes via fax or snail mail. Today I couldn't imagine getting a hard copy of a resume. Other changes I have seen during my career have been how we find candidates. The internet isn't just about job boards and searching for resumes. Today it seems like we are so much more connected with different social networks, blogs, special interest groups, etc. One thing that has remained constant thankfully is the personal relationships and networking to get in touch with great candidates - it is just the mode of networking has changed. Another positive change I have experienced during this tough economic time is how it seems everyone is helping one another...people referring others, sharing expertise and knowledge, etc. It is great!

3)What do you love about working at Oracle? Oracle is so dynamic...always changing and growing. It is fun - there is a lots of energy and lots of really bright people. I also enjoy the challenges and unique skill sets I get to search for - and the caliber of candidates that I get to interact with on a daily basis. I get to meet some really amazing people - and I am constantly learning everyday!

4) You have a young family, where and how do you find the time to manage your work and family life? Yes, I have 2 little ones, both under the age of two - and of course work full-time for Oracle. Things are pretty busy, but I learned during my career that you have to set boundaries and work smart. I know that sounds cliché, but really have to plan my days and do what is needed to get things done. Of course, there are times that I need to put in extra hours or have tight deadlines, offers to close, or after hours interviews, etc - that is just the nature of the business. On the flip side, family has the same is all about organization and communication with all my teams (family and work).

5) Do you have a "Top 3" list of favorite websites that you use for work and in also your spare time? My top 3 websites...for work - my favorite sites tend to change. One constant for me is LinkedIn and also FaceBook. I also spend quite a bit of time on keeping up with the industry, etc. Yahoo finance is another I keep an eye on as well. Personally, I would have to say BabyCenter (again I have 2 little ones), again FaceBook and I love shopping and bidding on eBay! :)

6) If you had to describe life at Oracle as a Twitter message (140 characters) what would you say? Oracle is awesome! Work with great people on innovative technology:


great work done by mam. with regards prabhdep singh oracle dba

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