Get to Know Your Oracle Recruiter - Pushpalatha Sreenivasan and Toastmasters

Continuing in our series of getting to know Oracle's Recruitment Team, this week we feature Pushpalatha Sreenivasan who is part of Oracle's India Recruitment Team. Pushpa has taken some time out of her day to talk to us about her life at Oracle, love of Recruitment, Toastmasters and John Goddard.


1) How long have you been with Oracle, what is your role?

Pushpa: I started my journey with Oracle in March 2006. Then I was hiring finance professionals for our Global Finance Information Center. In June 2007, I moved to conulting division OSSI to hire Technical consultants who would support Oracle suite of products for Oracle clients across EMEA region. Currently, I’m supporting multiple BU’s in hiring consultants who will implement Oracle Products in both domestic and international markets.

2) How long have you been in recruitment and what would you say have been some of the changes have you seen take place in the industry since your first recruitment role?

Pushpa: My career in HR started in 2001. I transitioned myself into full fledged Recruitment sometime in 2003. I remember how we used to have these heaps of CV’s on the desk and used to shortlist them. We used to meet all candidates in person and then process them for the next round of discussions.

Now here in Oracle – working in a global scenario, most of my recruitment work is web 2.0 enabled. I have gone totally paperless. Its on the phone most of the shortlisting/filtering happens. Recruiting is fun as this is my passion and enjoy it every bit.

3) What do you love about working at Oracle?

Pushpa: Working in Oracle has its own key features.
a) Freedom – to stretch beyond your boundaries and go beyond your purview.
b) Interact with best minds and continuous learning
c) Each day is not the same. They are extremely dynamic.
d) Charged to challenge yourself and there is no benchmark.
e) Excellent team, my manager and my super boss who are supportive, guiding, encouraging and motivating.
f) Personal space

4) Oustide of work what are your interests?

Pushpa: I draw a lot of inspiration from John Goddard Though I would love to have varied hobbies like him, its limited to Toastmasters , playing Table Tennis, Research work on subjects related to Recruitment and women empowerment, collecting motivational quotes, mentoring, career counselling and emotional counselling.

5) If life working at Oracle were a movie what movie would you say best describes what it is like to work at Oracle?

Pushpa: I’d relate my working in Oracle to this classic movie “It’s a wonderful life”. It makes me believe I’m such an integral part of Oracle and I feel proud


great tool

Posted by annonymos on April 07, 2009 at 07:45 PM CST #

hi this is prabhdeep I find this interview of pushplata mam really fascinating as well as the truth behind success . I am working as an Oracle DBA in INDIA. Handling both 9i and 10g. OCP(9i & 10g). But strong interest is to work as a DBA in ORACLE itself. I know it is real hard to get into Oracle, but..... If somebody can guide me, that will be of help....

Posted by prabhdeep singh on April 24, 2009 at 01:29 PM CST #

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